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Speaking at the St.Louis Business Intelligence UG meeting on 2/9/2016

I am speaking at the St.Louis Business Intelligence User Group meeting on 2/9/2016. This user group meeting is focused on ETL topics. The Topic for my presentation is “ETL in DataWarehouse As a Service Enviornment”, and I will be briefly going over the current and future state of the ETL setup at Lumeris . 61 more words

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SSIS: Removing HTML from a field using Script Component

Let’s say you are transferring data from the database of one program to the database of another program. The problem is that one of the fields, say it’s a field called “usedescription” that is a data type of DT_NTEXT, has HTML in it because the program used that HTML formatting to display the text a certain way on it’s screen. 310 more words

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SSIS: Streaming, Semi-Blocking and Fully Blocking Transformations

After discussing synchronous and asynchronous transformations, the next step in digging into the SSIS Data Flow task is talking about the three categories of transformations: streaming, semi-blocking and fully blocking transformations. 301 more words


SSIS: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Transformations in the Data Flow Task

When I first began working with SSIS, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t understand the difference between the Control Flow vs. 371 more words


SSIS DTS Package Flatfiles with _x003C_none_x003E_

If you see “_x003C_none_x003E_” in the output file (probably a CSV), it is because the value of the text qualifier is set to “_x003C_none_x003E_”. It is a bug. 59 more words

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SQL SERVER - SSIS - Get Started with the For Loop Container - Notes from the Field #113

: SSIS is very well explored subject, however, there are so many interesting elements when we read, we learn something new. A similar concept has been Get Started with the For Loop Container. 838 more words

SQL Authority

SSIS -Registry setting specifying configuration file does not exist

I was having an issue getting an agent job from completing when running a package that relies upon an Indirect XML Configuration File. When executing the agent job I received a couple of warnings, one from the SSIS Package itself and another from the Event Viewer: 70 more words

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