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Why do you call me control flow?

Problem Statement:

As data warehouse developers, my team and I were working on creating a data mart in SQL server database by loading the data using SSIS. 1,737 more words


SSIS: Execute package from the SSISDB catalog/ execute package from different project or solutions


I am in a situation where I have to run 10 different packages which are under few different solutions and projects. I have to run this 10 different ssis packages in particular order every month to finsh a particular data process. 484 more words


SSIS -GUI problems after copying a package

Have you ever had to develop in SSIS many packages that were similar and so you developed one and then copy pasted the same package a number of times and altered them? 154 more words

SSIS SQL Task: In case of empty result set return some default value

DECLARE @ReportDate DATE=’01 JAN 1900′;
DECLARE @isProcessed BIT=1;
–in the following select query it does not return result set it just assign value to a variable. 47 more words


SSIS SQL Task: How to assign sql query result to a ssis variable

Note: Please dont be confused with “Parameter Mapping” tab. “Parameter Mapping” is used to pass parameter into the t-sql query and to return value from the t-sql query. 172 more words


SSAS Tabular - Where to Put Your Calculated Columns

There is a Problem

During the implementation of SSAS Tabular model, you usually hit some point you think about, managing some calculation as calculated column. If possible, you should preferably use calculated measure. 700 more words


Resourcefulness to Promote Creativity

Promoting creativity is never easy for me because I myself is not that super creative. Art is expressing our feelings and emotions. I can use my resourcefulness to promote creativity by doing things such as searching or thinking the easiest and applicable way to do things especially not only in doing a project in school but also in our community we can apply it to reduce our garbage by recycling it. 46 more words