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SSIS: Add different project configuration for the same project


I have a project which I want to run in production environment and also in the development environment. I do not want to have a different copy of the same project for the production and developement and then have static connection manager. 102 more words


SSIS: Parameters, Variables & Configurations in SSIS 2012

Overview:  This is a high level review of the terminology for configurable items like parameters and variables in SQL Server Integration Services 2012.  This discussion is applicable to the… 900 more words


SSIS Excel destination: Templates!

If you have a report that always outputs to an Excel Destination, here’s a trick my team uses to always export the output the same way each time. 159 more words

Where to Begin?

So I have been procrastinating about starting a blog for a very long time now, not least because there are plenty of far smarter and talented SQL blog writers out there but a recent post I read of  282 more words


Fact and Dimension

Create new Dimension Table on SQL Server, for that go to SQL Server Management Studio create “New Table” by doing right click on Tables as shown in the following image snapshot. 3,558 more words


SQL Interview Question#6

Task : Create the 4 tables and insert the data as provided below.

Populate Department table using the following data:
DID    DName                       PhoneExt
ADM Administration         100… 257 more words

#Sql Interview Question

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Performance tuning / best practices

In this blog, I am going to cover some key concepts those will help to improve SSIS package performance. You can calculate performance end-2-end by below expression: 563 more words