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DRAGON BALL CHARACTERS RANKED (at currently known power levels)

Firstly I don’t consider JIREN and other unknown fighters (obviously😅) for now, and also ZENO, Grand Priest, other gods of destruction or their mentors. Reason is we know they are powerfull and Akira Toriyama did stated that ZENO is one of the top 5 most powerfull characters but we don’t exactly know where he stands and also there are few unknown universes as well. 555 more words

Digital picture

My first drawing on graphic tablet. It takes many hours on this but I LOVE IT! <3


Resolution of Soldiers - Dragon Ball

Preço Geral: 26.90€

Son Goku – 18cm

Vegeta – 17cm

Mr. Satan – 19cm

Gohan SSJ2 – 12cm

Future Trunks – 17cm

Future Gohan – 18cm