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Sunday State of Mind: November 2nd-November 8th

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It’s Sunday. The weekend is slipping away from us. Let’s enjoy this week’s SSM while we still can.

Dalvin Cook just keeps… 108 more words


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कर्मयोगी बाबा यांचे 16 ऑगस्ट 2004 रोजी निर्वाण झाले. तेव्हापासून आजपर्यंत गेली सोळा वर्षे माझी माणिकनगरला त्रैमासिक भेट ठरलेली असते. त्या भेटीत संस्थेचे अध्यक्ष तथा माणिकप्रभु संस्थानचे अधिपती व आमचे गुरूघर श्रध्देय डॉ.ज्ञानराज माणिकप्रभु यांचे दर्शन घेऊन श्रीजींना गेल्या तीन महिन्यातल्या संस्थेच्या घडामोडींबाबत अद्ययावत करणे व पुढील तीन महिन्यातील काही ठळक नियोजित कार्यक्रमाविषयी माहिती देणे असा नित्यक्रम चालू आहे. 79,917 more words


SSM Merchandise

Welcome to the Southern Sassy Mama merchandise page! Click any product below for more information or to order. Click the purple flower to visit the storefront. 73 more words

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Sunday State of Mind: August 17th-August 23rd

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Happy Sunday, all. Please enjoy this week’s SSM…

Earl Thomas, in trouble a bunch
Sketchy activity with his brother, now a teammate… 109 more words

Configure a Desktop Environment For an Amazon Linux EC2 Jumpbox

In this article I will show how you can launch an Amazon Linux EC2 instance with a desktop environment that will serve as a jumpbox. Connections to this jumpbox will be made through… 620 more words


Access Private EC2 Instances With AWS Systems Manager Session Manager

In this article I will demonstrate how you can connect to EC2 instances located in private subnets by using AWS Systems Manager Session Manager. 731 more words


Sunday State of Mind: July 27th-August 2nd

Photo: Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

Happy Sunday, dear readers…gently glide into your Sunday evening with this week’s SSM.

Bad news first, in the MLB… 123 more words