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Dynamic Data Masking with SQL 2016 and Dynamics GP 2016

This has been a big year for Microsoft. We’ve seen the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. These products come with a huge list of amazing improvements. 392 more words


CDC Concept using SSIS

CDC(Changing Data Capture) and SCD(Slow Changing Dimensions) are very much similar as they both match and sych up the data records of source and destination. … 3,080 more words


Create SSRS Data Source

Continuing on with my earlier discussion on SSRS and testing data sources. I’ve come up with a means to create a data source. This article will demonstrate how I did that. 1,773 more words


Testing an SSRS DataSource

Recently I’ve been working with SSRS and adding removing Datasources and Testing them. This article describes how I got there:

The first thing I did was to figure out how I was going to connect to the SSRS website.   1,088 more words


Getting started with SQL

I often get accosted by friends and colleagues who are struggling to understand the Structured Query Language popularly known as SQL and they look at me with horror when I say it is the easiest language to learn and code. 676 more words


Send Mail Task & Script Task Component

Send Mail Task Component

Send Mail Task is a readymade component given in SSIS available under Common –> SSIS Toolbox for specialized for sending email only. 910 more words


SSIS: Package run time statistics in SSRS


In most companies developers are restricted from accessing the MSDB database and they rarely know the performance of their packages in a production environment unless they have access to third party software tools or a friendly DBA. 679 more words