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Holy Cap!

We recently noticed a slow running query being generated by the population of filter drop downs in Report Builder. This was SQL 2005 instance of Reporting Services connecting to a SQL 2012 server as the data source. 357 more words

SQL Server

'properties' option is greyed out for ssrs instance when you right-click in ssms

To adjust some of the properties of a SQL Server Reporting Services instance , for example, how long the execution logs are retained, or whether or not you display meaningful error messages to the user, you have to do the following: 89 more words


SSRS Error: Report server url - user does not have required permissions

User ‘Domain\User’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed.

  1. Run the IE browser as administrator. 
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Datazen Lives On in SQL Server 2016

Microsoft acquired Datazen back in April 2015, and I explored it and wrote about it a couple months later. To date, Microsoft has mostly left the product as is, although a… 347 more words


SSIS: Extract SSRS Reports from ReportServer database

  1. Get the folder list in the SQL Report Server
  2. Using ForEachLoop, Create the folder structure in the local file system
  3. Using ExportColumn, export the the XML file…
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SQL Function to return ISO Week and ISO Year Project Server

The table MSP_TimeByDay  in the reporting database for on premise Project Server stores date information in day, week, year, quarter , etc..

Unfortunately the columns TimeWeekOfTheYear  and TimeYear does not store ISO week and year. 138 more words


Main and Sub report

I go this question from MSDN, original question here


I have a salesperson matrix report which I have added a  matrix sub report. I am using multiple parameters.  271 more words