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Programmatically emailing of SSRS reports

Recently I was tasked with creating a process to email SSRS reports out to users.

Ordinarily I would suggest using the built in subscription manager, however in this case we needed to be able to increment any date parameters in any report, and we have 300 of them. 902 more words


Calendar Update

Updating a fiscal Calendar is a right pain as there is no easy formula. Rather than enhance my spreadsheet skills I chose to make it an t-sql exercise. 794 more words


Errors running a report on the CU11 VM.

I’ve had this issue a few times using the R3 CU11 VM which seems to be a known issue back in RTM, R2 but I’ve been lucky enough to not see it until CU11 so not sure if it’s a regression. 189 more words


BI Book References Added, Resources Updated

A BI Book Reference Page (see Resources tab) has been added to identify the books I find most relevant and valuable to MSBI practitioners and developers as well as Excel and Power BI business analysts. 77 more words

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

BrakLine is Textbox (SSRS)

If You want to break line, put & vbcrlf & in textbox expression


=”Issue list:” & vbcrlf & Parameters!pListName.Value


Sorting by parameter in SSRS

If you want to sort dataset/tablix using parameter follow these steps: 137 more words


Access denied on new SSRS site

If you have just gotten your hands on a new instance of a SSRS site, you might wonder why you cannot access it! The trick is to run IS as admin, this will provide access and then you can add your usual accounts and access the site in normal mode. 12 more words

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