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Differences between OLTP and OLAP

Both OLTP and OLAP are databases but they have few differences. OLTP stands for Online Trasanaction Processing and OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing.

1. OLTP is 2D databases i.e. 167 more words


SSRS: NaN, Infinity or even #Error

I’ve seen many IIF’s, CASE-statements, +0.00001 additions and others to suppress or solve one of these ‘errors':
NaN, Infinity or even #Error

Let’s start with the basics, when do these things emerge and why? 99 more words


SSRS - Blank or Null column Filter Expression for Rdl

I have faced an issue while filtering NULL or blank rows from my dataset . I have tried by setting the filter expression as

Fileds|MyColumns=”” 45 more words


SSRS -Top/Botton N Operator- Order by specific set of data -

I have a data set which returns many rows. It having one column named as Year and values are 1990 inwards.

I need to get latest 2 years of data . 100 more words


Learning T-SQL day 2

Day 2 of losing my SQL sanity…

Okay, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit. To be completely honest, it still isn’t too bad. My teacher, Chris, says we still haven’t got to the fun part: Joining Tables and modifying tables. 461 more words


A 17 year old's First day with T-SQL

Hello everyone,

Today was my first day in training with T-SQL and to be honest, it wasn’t half bad. I feel confident that I will take what I’ve learned today, and will learn for the rest of the week, and use it for a majority of┬ámy career. 534 more words


AX 2012 SSRS Report: Multiple report design under Print management

AX 2012 SSRS Report: Multiple design under Print management

If new formats for Sales order confirmation/Picking/Packing/Invoice Purchase order postings etc. are needs to be added. Following steps needs to be performed. 110 more words