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in ssrs parameter reverts back to default when tried to change after 3 minutes

In one of the SSRS report, we had date parameter with current value of previous day date.

If we select one of the old dates say (Jan 7, 2016; assuming we are on May 25, 2016) and leave alone the report for 3 minutes. 62 more words


In SSRS how to calculate percentage of column based on row total

Your % value expression should be something like:

=Sum(Fields!FieldA.Value) / Sum(Fields!FieldA.Value, “InnerMostRowGroupName”)
Where InnerMostRowGroupName is the name of your inner most row group.


Reporting Services not starting, the service failed or the service did not start in a timely fashion.

This was a newly installed SQL Server and after the restart of the server the reporting services failed to start every time when we try to start it. 203 more words

SSRS 2008 Problem : Message: Invalid URI: The Authority/Host could not be parsed

You could face this issue while connecting to Reporting Services from configuration manager.

The below error mainly appears while accessing Web Service URL property in Reporting Services configuration manager and the main reason behind is a broken\invalid <UrlString> tag. 45 more words

Report server has detected a possible denial of service attack

We encountered a strange issue where the reporting services stops responding for some user. When we investigate the issue and check event viewer we found below mentioned warning… 172 more words

SSRS ERROR: Managed server timed out. Timeout=150 sec. GC extension timeout=30 sec.

We had an issue in which the reporting services 2008 running on Windows 2008 suddenly stops responding and when we connect to reporting services it’s not responding, even the configuration manager fails to load Reporting Services Configuration in RS configuration Manager. 225 more words