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Quickie: SSRS Multi-Value Parameter Defaults

Inspired by some StackOverflow-ing and this particular answer.

Aka: “How do I pass/assign a default set of values to a multi-value parameter in SSRS?”

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Adventure Works brand package now available!

Super short post today.

With the release of an updated test/demo Azure VM for Power BI Report Server on Monday, we thought it made sense to provide a new… 41 more words


Creating a Report for a selected Record

One of the first things I was able to learn about AX that my colleague never had time for were reports. So, quickly, pretty much everything report related started to hit my desk. 632 more words


SQL–Excluding zero value records

A challenge I was tasked with recently was providing an SSRS report, where by a user could choose to exclude rows from a table if a particular quantity column contained a zero value. 341 more words

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The "next" version of Deltek Vision - Deltek Professional Services

There has been a lot of discussion lately around the current iAccess platform and Deltek’s new offering coming up titled “Deltek Professional Services” or DPS. Some of that discussion has been concern about what will or not be available in the new platform, what will need to be upgraded or dropped entirely, and if the platform will be “better” than the current Vision 7.6 (Deltek’s latest and apparently last version). 644 more words

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Power BI Report Server - Download of August 2017 Preview

If you are looking for the latest and greatest bits of Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) powerbi.com is the right address to find the installation exe: 48 more words


Power BI Report Server - Where to find the optimized Power BI Desktop version?

If you want to publish Power BI reports to you Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) instance you need a specialized version of Power BI Desktop. With the August 2017 of PBIRS there is also an updated version of Power BI Desktop available. 254 more words

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