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RETROspective: SSX3

Why am I playing it?
Another round of backwards compatible games from the original Xbox was just made available on Xbox One and I happened to have one of them in my small batch of games for the old console – … 294 more words

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Nostalgia sucks...

I don’t really play remakes of games unless they’re Pokémon ones, sometimes I wish upon a gaming star (or sometimes to the game lord) that EA would just do a damn remake of SSX Tricky but it looks like I’m going to have to pray harder and sacrifice more Bubsy 3D discs, anyway… When it comes to game remakes, I don’t always see the hype given that the original can still be brought and would probably be good fun to play. 478 more words


Sequels - Addition or Replacement?

Sequels usually fall into two camps for me. Those with storylines like adventure games or first person shooters I consider an ‘addition’ to that franchise – even if the gameplay is improved and tweaked, the story gives you reason to go back to the previous entries. 374 more words

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Ervas nutritivas e tonificantes e Suplementos emagrecedores

Ervas nutritivas e tonificantes e Suplementos emagrecedores

A maioria dos herbalistas, ao longo da história, ficaram fascinados com plantas venenosas. Esse fascínio, juntamente com o estudo cuidadoso, experimentação e observação, deu origem a farmácia – o uso de venenos concentrados – por um lado, e a homeopatia – o uso de venenos diluídos – por outro. 2,529 more words

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