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Axby Stories: How Videogames influenced my musical interests

It’s been awhile since the last Axby Story but recently I’ve been thinking about how videogames have had a large impact upon the music that I listen to today. 888 more words


Beautiful Worlds—SSX 3

It seems that I keep coming back to the GameCube when it comes to this Beautiful Worlds series. This time I’m thinking of SSX 3, a game that reinvented its own genre, taking the ridiculous snowboarding world of SSX and toning down the cartoon factor. 138 more words


Games and Identity—Why I Play Most Games as a Woman

The old trope tends to go along the lines of the hero in a video game being male, of significant above-average skills and looks, a good physique (sorry Mario), and having to find of save or defend or whatever the females around him. 578 more words


90 Day Mentorship Challenge: Day 2

Quick info: In the spirit of Agile development, I’ll try to keep these short, sweet, and modeled after the traditional daily Scrum stand-up: What I did, What I will do, What is blocking me, and in the spirit of progress – What I want to do. 647 more words