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Father Kevin's Reflection - November 20, 2016

Pope Pius XI, in his encyclical Quas Primas, (1925) instituted the Feast of Christ the King during the holy year commemorating the 1600th anniversary of the Council of Nicea which took place in 325. 559 more words


Father Kevin's Reflection - October 30, 2016

Some months back, a curious cemetery visitor was wandering the cemetery in Bowdle. I was checking out some of the monuments there (and praying for all those who have died). 644 more words



“. . . I just know it’s true !”  Only silly people say that, but it is not only silly; it can also be very funny, as Bill Maher has hilariously illustrated.  451 more words

Father Kevin's Reflection - October 9, 2016

Quick, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1930?

If you said, Nathan Söderblom you’d be absolutely right. You’d also be a genius, because almost nobody remembers the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize (past, maybe, the last two or three). 591 more words


More testimonies from 2016

There is power in Prayer

 Esther Waithira

“For quite some time I had been waiting for light to shine on me in pursuing a job. A few months ago I approached the rest of BPS family to help me pray in my frustration. 1,300 more words


Father Kevin's Reflection - October 2, 2016

The months of May and October are recognized as the “Months of Mary”. October is specifically for Mary and the Holy Rosary. It is so fitting that God chose a woman to be such a key part of the functioning of His church. 658 more words