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Father Kevin's Reflection - July 5, 2015 - WWJD...Really?

If you wish to do what Jesus did…do not expect to get in with the “in” crowd. Chances are you will find yourself left out in the cold.  603 more words


Father Kevin's Reflections - June 28, 2015 - Time For Inquiry & Discovery

Did you know…in the teaching of the Catholic Church…all baptized persons are called to evangelize? It’s true! This is a teaching that came out of the Second Vatican Council 50 years ago that highlights the understanding: in the Church there is diversity of ministry, but unity of mission (best known today as “the Universal Call (vocation) to Holiness”). 473 more words


San Antonio Festival in Lisbon 

It’s the biggest party of the year. Pagan and religious celebrations mark the merry months of May and June with street parties, musical concerts and cultural events. 556 more words



I heard myself saying to myself once : “You talkin’ to me ?”.  I thought I was quoting Bob de Niro, but I found out later that his famous improvisation in “Taxi Driver” was a steal from an Alan Ladd movie twenty years before.  282 more words

Bilocation – Doppelganger or Something Else?

The doppelganger is a phenomenon that defies explanation – the apparent appearance of a double of a person either imitating their movements or even moving on their own.  784 more words

Strangeness & Mysteries

St. Anthony and the Miracle of the Catholic Host

A thank you to Father Carota for sending along this story about our beloved St. Anthony, the hammer of heretics!

St. Anthony, Ora Pro Nobis. 110 more words


"Mondays with Mary" - The Marian Prayer of St. Anthony of Padua

Since this Saturday, June 13, was technically the feast of St. Anthony of Padua in the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar (the Immaculate Heart of Mary fell on this Saturday as well), I found it quite fitting to share with you the Marian Prayer of St. 356 more words