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The death of the Savior released the gifts of the Holy Ghost to the Church

From Pope Pius XII’s encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi (1943):

But if our Savior, by His death, became, in the full and complete sense of the word, the Head of the Church, it was likewise through His blood that the Church was enriched with the fullest communication of the Holy Spirit, through which, from the time when the Son of Man was lifted up and glorified on the Cross by His sufferings, she is divinely illumined.

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8 Cheap Day Trips From Orlando

Day trips are a fun way to feed your travel bug without spending too much money. Grab some friends, your favorite playlist and pick a destination. 858 more words


Pilgrimage (day 15): Blessing of the Beds

Securing a bed each night is an ordeal and a blessing. For a faithless pilgrim such as myself, leaving my bed to fate or luck or chance or serendipity or street smarts or the kindness of strangers is a strange show of faith. 1,237 more words

The Wandering Poet

Whence Does the Burden of Proof Lie?

In speaking with an atheist acquaintance, it was suggested that the burden of proving the existence of God, or rather, of any god at all, rested with the believer. 1,131 more words


The Gift of Grace

“Man’s will is indeed free, but without the grace of God man will use his freedom only to enslave himself.”

Prof. Warren Carroll writing on St. 23 more words


Strike two; a town still traumatized by Mathew adds Irma to the damage list

Couches, etc, for sale  FREE; just ask for Irma

Hurricane Mathew in October of 2016 was the first hurricane to directly hit St. Augustine Florida since Dora in 1964, bringing floods unlike any since ones recorded in the 1880s, and bringing mass damage unlike anything St.Augustine has at the least recorded. 619 more words

Free Music Festival 9/16 - 9/17

Sing Out Loud Festival is a massive music concert in St. Augustine held during the third and fourth weekend in September. This free event is sponsored by Community First Credit Union. 71 more words

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