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Are all religions equal since we need to respect all religions?

Recently, it has become common to hear affirmations regarding the right to religious liberty that end up confusing diverse concepts such that it seems to indicate an almost obligatory religious pluralism that intends to put all religions – Christian or non-Christian – on the same level. 179 more words

Saint Augustine

6 Things to Do in St. Augustine

Looking for different things to do during your visit to St. Augustine, Florida–beyond the tram tour and walking around downtown? There’s plenty to do and see in this beautiful, historic area. 668 more words

Jesus did not multiply the loaves, but only indicated that it was necessary to distribute our goods?

It’s probable that many of our readers received their catechism classes during the turbulent years of the 70’s, and may have heard, wide-eyed and scandalized, that the well-known miracle of the multiplication of the loaves – transmitted in the Gospel – was nothing more than a metaphor to symbolize the power of sharing with others. 340 more words

John Paul II

St. Augustine

14 March 2015

Shout out to my beautiful tiny city.

Life lesson: Good company + good food = one spectacular day

Pro tip: Being a tourist in your own town is so much fun. 24 more words


Birds, New Learnings, New Friends

At the Alligator Farm, we spent 4 days shooting primarily the birds of the rookery as they went about all of the activities surrounding the breeding season.   629 more words

The Lie Hidden Behind A Smokescreen

7 Signs You Might Be Dating A Psychopath

by Karen Salmansohn

About a decade ago, I became involved with a guy I jokingly referred to as “a Romantrix.” Don’t bother Googling that term. 776 more words