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Turning of the Season on our Farm





The last sunflower of the season; Mosey sniffing newly-harvested cornfield; the garden is winding down; lazy autumn cats; end-of-summer barbeque. 722 more words

How to deal with lust in a saintly manner part 2

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (d. 1153) is another saint that had to overcome his bodily urges. Like St Wulfstan, he employed some rather odd techniques. 364 more words

Seabass' Diary...Day 119...Fear...

September 12, 2016-A dark cloth blinded me and I writhed and hissed to try and free myself from my captor. I spat and snarled and tried to bite whatever was closest to me but it was no use, I could not get away. 223 more words


Sermon for the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

* Taken from St. Bernard’s Sermons for the Seasons & Principal Festivals of the Year: Translated from the Original Latin by a Priest of Mount Melleray… 7 more words

Interior Life

Backgrounds for Flat Dogs

The (Verisimilitude & Moxie) book project continues with work on pages and pages of backgrounds, sketches and doo-dads! Flat dogs and words to be added at a later stage. 32 more words


Nice one, Rave

I’m often envious of James having to get up early for work.

He gets to wake up, get dressed and have his breakfast alone. In complete silence. 211 more words