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Weekend Ramble

Disclaimer:  This post contains some of my Christian beliefs.  It is not my intent to try to force my beliefs on any of my readers.  These are just my thoughts and my thoughts come from my world view that has been shaped by what I’ve been taught over the years and what I have decided to accept as truth. 528 more words


Sacred Listening - Maybe True Stories

It’s been a weird week, a weird couple of weeks. Simultaneously the children and I are reaching the end of what we can bear of this thing called summer vacation, and every single person I work with is burned out and just… done. 1,182 more words


Conformist Success?

I like to think sometimes that I am a nonconformist, but really I work within the system, and today I am tentatively excited to announce that I’m taking what I’m hoping is a step up within that system. 548 more words

Journey Prologues.

Glimpses of Goa (Day 2)

After a night of heavy rainfall, we were worried we would have to cancel our plans to tour South Goa the next morning. Fortunately, the clouds cleared up and the sun shown brightly through the clouds. 675 more words


Weekly Travel Post: Cape St. Francis ...

Have you ever heard the saying “Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before”

Well that’s what we decide to do one year. 347 more words


Requiem For A Spaniel

In memory of Matty, 2000-2015

I didn’t think we’d get here quite so soon.
I thought there were a few more streets to go, but no: 364 more words


The Moon Off its' Proper Orbit

“With Eleanor or Liz you could talk about the danger of pleasure: St. Francis threw himself into a bed of roses to avoid looking at a beautiful woman; St. 52 more words