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A Touch of Nature for Heaven’s Sake

Gratitude of the day: Wisps of spring breeze giving me a gift of refreshment as they breathe on my hot, sweating neck while I walk and taste spring in the air, hear it in bird chatter, and touch and smell it in my renewed rosemary bush. 462 more words

Family & Community

Baby Francesco’s Nursery

Before, there was ugly medium shag carpet, and old dingy dark brown trim, which matched the window sills, doors and jambs.

The first thing was to rip up the carpet, padding and remove the staples; all 10,000 of them (not really that many, it just felt that way). 444 more words

Ernesto San Giacomo


Every morning I wake up and look at a prayer card for St. Francis. I was at my home group one night, and about five minutes into the meeting I spotted two women looking a little lost in the hallway (aren’t we all a little lost in the “hallway?”). 209 more words


Final Project Pictures – Part 2: Classical portrait – presentation and evaluation

Part two – classical portrait. This was easier in terms of inspiration and execution. After going to the Beyond Caravaggio exhibition, which provided me with lots of inspiration, it was one of the first artists who I had researched for this project, who eventually provided me with what I wanted –  497 more words

Level 3

Happier times

It has literally been a helluva week in London with devastating effects on those caught up in the carnage of the terrorist’s outrage. In the aftermath, those of us who are unscathed resort to seeking normality in the simplicity of the everyday. 139 more words

Life Is Elsewhere

Mission Visit

Brother Juniper

Relaxing at the Mission


I’m a friar

Queen Elizabeth

Buying tickets

In a window

Tour at the Mission

Wheels to ground wheat… 628 more words


Ramblings on People vs. Places

What’s more important to you, people or places? Before you answer recall the development of the neutron bomb some years ago that promised the advantage of exploding and killing all people in the area but sparing the buildings and other assorted infrastructure. 368 more words

General Ramblings