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Religion in Ethiopia

This is one of several posts about my recent trip to Ethiopia. The others, so far, are:

The Black Country | Anecdotes | Transport

Ethiopia is a country of religion, more than any other country I know. 456 more words


Good News Stories 2017

New Year, new format… tell us a good news story…

I like to read good news stories rather than the negative vibes of doom and gloom… do you?

Please share…

Thank you.


St George's Day

Remembrance and Celebration

Last week and the past weekend were special in Dubai, as they marked 2 major events – firstly November 30th was Martyrs Day, when those Emiratis who have given their lives for their country are remembered, then 2 days later on 2nd December, UAE National Day was celebrated. 507 more words


Leaf and Flame - Fox fire

It would be fair to say that, although the Lady of the Hunt may have tried to maintain dignity during the Fox Dance, it had gone up in flames with the very first flare and she was as excited as a cub. 600 more words

Silent Eye 2016 Workshop

Recipe: St. George's Day Cupcakes!

We recently celebrated St.Georges day here in England and what better way to do so than with cupcakes? 222 more words


The Polluters

“It’s fackin’ Saint George’s day, innit”

My heart drops. There are four lads at the end of the bar, all pissed and loud. After 5 days of walking in the wilderness meeting only smiley, gentle country folk, encountering the four drunken Brits is like walking into a wall – it’s a harsh, hard reality check. 1,003 more words


The Earth Day delusion

Two things happened on consecutive days in April.

The second thing passed most folk in England by without notice. April 23rd was our national day, … 336 more words