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Further pondering...

Over the last couple of days I’ve been pondering on various questions – which actually have no correct answer, only people’s opinions.

My character Thomas Radwinter does a lot of pondering – he is quite a muddled thinker and his mind wanders off in all directions, but in the end he always solves the puzzle, even if it is in rather a circuitous way! 533 more words

Bits And Pieces


I’ve shared this before, but I think the debates need renewing… ponder these… and so will I and share my thoughts another time:

For or against… 176 more words

Bits And Pieces

"Churches and mosques in early mediaeval Syria" -- Mattia Guidetti

Before we get excited… Were Christians and Muslims both allowed to pray in a single building? That’s no great news. Still occurs. The Muslim world is full of churches and tombs of saints and “prophets” and Christian sacred springs, especially, where Muslims pray and come to ask for favors and blessings, though I’m sure the High Ulemate considers that stuff shirk or haram.  237 more words

KIDS: Knights

In the olden days, knights were soldiers who worked for the King and fought on horseback wearing suits of armour. It took a long time to train to be a knight – at seven years old, a boy would begin work as a page-boy in a castle learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, sword-fighting and horse-riding.   196 more words

Pick Magazine

For or against…

We may have shared these before… but have a think about these ‘controversial’ questions… maybe write factually or maybe be creative and use the debate for a starting point of something fictional! 166 more words

Cornish Cream Tea

St George's Day, Montreal, 1877

Montreal Gazette, 24 April 1877, page 3


The annual sermon, commemorative of St George’s Day, preached by the Rev BW Norman, one of the chaplains of the St George’s Society, on Sunday afternoon, at St George’s Church, was taken from Psalm 137, verses 4, 5 and 6. 269 more words


Loves & Hates - No. 2


Pretty Iconic – Sally Hughes – my full review of this fantastic beauty book is here.

The Good Fight – this is a spin-off show from The Good Wife – it follows various female lawyers as they deal with the fall out of a financial scam which wipes out the savings of Diane Lockhart, and destroys the reputation of one of the newest young lawyers.  371 more words

Loves & Hates