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NewSunUnity – THE EVENT ON JULY 4TH? – 5-6-16 ~ posted May 8, 2016

Waiting, waiting, waiting…that is the situation of many Light workers in the 3D world of Earth just now waiting for the “Event” to happen. Time IS getting closer for this major happening, no doubt about that! 924 more words

"Partial Disclosure Is NOT Going To Be Allowed"! with Hollow Earth Network @ Ancient Awakenings


“Partial Disclosure Is NOT Going To Be Allowed”! – Sananda and Saint Germain

“Sananda” and “St. Germaine” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were giving during Ancient Awakenings new joint Wednesday call with Hollow Earth Network on March 16, 2016) 1,182 more words

James McConnell

St. Patty's Day Gin (& Juice) Cocktail

And we’re back! After taking a couple of weeks off to get our lives together, we’re coming back in a strong way – with a strong cocktail. 183 more words

Delish Drinks

Wake up Call: St. Germain ~ February 09, 2016

Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 09, 2016

It has been quite a day on the money front. It is swirling around the disciples who are putting it all together for the distribution. 577 more words

The Galactic Federation Warns the US Government ~ "The Event"

~I started this during Christmas time, when I couldn’t keep up with the blogging.  I decided to go ahead and post it, since it will make you think about the possibility that we could be set free from the Controllers very soon. 

990 more words

January: Amethyst

I am finally going to write about the Master Saint Germaine cleansing process that I have been referencing all month. This process was taught to me from the first Priestess I ever trained under. 576 more words

Journeying With Crystals