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Farewell to the Maury Project and Annapolis

Yesterday we finished our final coursework on coastal upwelling, El Niño and La Niña, and air-sea interactions (fun things like tropical storms, Nor’easters, and the like). 212 more words

Maury Project

Pleasures of just hanging out and poking around

Just about any place you are has interesting things to see and think about if you keep your eyes open. I discovered the tree pictured above while wandering along College Creek. 206 more words

Maury Project

Planetarium at St. John's College

We are staying at St. John’s College this summer on the Maury Project. St. John’s is noted for its curriculum around Great Books (at least those of the West). 215 more words

Art And Architecture

Old Library, St. John's College, Cambridge, England

Old Library, St. John’s College, Cambridge, England

Summer School

Cambridge is nothing less than an inspiring University. If watching my friend get her Masters degree in a year wasn’t impressive enough, the long list of famous scholars that have attended the University is… Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall and Stephen Hawking to name just a few. 165 more words

A Very Merry Maryland Crab-filled Retreat

Author: Karin Ente (Associate Director of Admissions)

We are back to the daily grind, but as I sit at my desk working on the June communications plan I can’t help but think back to last week’s AHHHHHMAZING Admissions Office Retreat. 288 more words

Santa Fe

Celebrating my Father's Birthday

I’ve gotten so far behind on posts on my personal blog that I posted about my father’s birthday there but here’s a link for you to… 349 more words

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