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oh what a hike!

We’ve had a really cold start to summer. Some are blaming it on the capelin being late rolling, some are just chaulking it up to living in this unpredictable place. 311 more words

signal hill lupins

The lupins are out!  I love, love, love lupins. We saw these on Signal Hill behind the interpretation centre – you can see a little of St. 20 more words

the grand 'ole duke of york

Staircase #2 on the North Head Trail is the toughest for me. When I hike the North Head trail, I try to do this staircase without stopping, because frankly, if I stop, I may never start moving again. 90 more words

Students hope sailbot makes history with first solo voyage across the Atlantic

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean by wind power alone is an impressive achievement by any standard.

But contending with the unpredictable weather, busy freight traffic, meddlesome fishing nets and treacherous icebergs without anyone in the pilot’s seat is another feat entirely. 570 more words


Rock Houses in Englee

One Englee resident has surely shown their true creativity with a row of rock houses.

I love seeing yard art and this one truly does depict our wonderful colourful row houses that are quintessentially Newfoundland and Labrador. 24 more words


breathtaking view

I was awake early on Sunday morning and I decided to get out of the house before the day got started with kid activities. I grabbed the camera and my Dad’s jacket that I borrowed from him and haven’t returned yet. 133 more words

dealing with disappointment

For dancers, injuries are a part of life. Every dancer knows this. But knowing intellectually in your head is an entirely different thing than knowing in your heart. 203 more words