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First a Senior Medical Clinic. Now Senior Suites in the hospital. St. Joseph Medical Center makes strides as senior care specialist


St. Joseph Creates Senior Suites in Hospital

By Kathy Feist

In June, St. Joseph Medical Center introduced Sister Margaret’s Senior Medical Clinic with a ribbon cutting ceremony. 429 more words

Clouds or no clouds, you can still celebrate the eclipse in south KC

South KC eclipse watch parties and more

By Jill Draper

 On Monday, Aug. 21, tens of millions of people in the United States will be able to witness a total eclipse of the sun—the first one in our nation since 1979. 556 more words

To Build or Not to Build, That Is the Question for KCI Airport

South KC Perspective

To Build or Not to Build, That Is the Question for KCI Airport

By John Sharp

Spokespersons from different sides of the ongoing debate on whether to build a new single terminal to replace the three existing terminals at KCI Airport will state their case at the Monday, July 10, meeting of the South Kansas City Alliance at 6 p.m. 1,979 more words

Red Bridge YMCA: Ducks, PB&J, and No New Management

By Kathy Feist

One thing the Red Bridge YMCA would like for you to know is that they are not under new management regardless of what the banner says in front of their facility. 303 more words