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An entire gallery dedicated to the work of Max Beckmann (1884-1950).

Well, they do have nice comfortable chairs in the gallery.


Finding Silver Linings in the Pouring Rain when your Umbrella is about to Blow away and your Legs are Wet.

Do you look for the silver linings, or do they find you, or do you just stumble over them in the rain? I found some lovely silver linings yesterday in the rain and clouds. 716 more words

Life Adventures

To Feel Linen: A Field Trip

I’ve been in the mood for art. Seeing art. Experiencing art. Thinking about art. Maybe even making art. This past Saturday, I had the good fortune to spend a beautiful day at three art exhibits at three different art museums. 364 more words

Craft: (tinking & Stitch Ripping)

The Greening of Art Hill - Grand Basin Trees and Lights - Forest Park - St. Louis, Missouri

In my opinion, the folks who have been managing Forest Park have had a long string of successes. I must say, though, that this one, of planting and lighting up trees at the top rim of Art Hill, is extra stunning. 73 more words

Art Thief