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A Mud House Built to Perfection

It’s Sunday, and most often I find myself at church. Today, with sleeping visitors (my brother and his girlfriend), I felt it necessary to plan a breakfast excursion where church would be delayed a week. 340 more words

St. Louis Eats

Anthonino's Taverna: A Pizza Perfection!

This past weekend, before my little brother, Ben, was to return to Columbia, we (my husband included) stopped in Anthonino’s Taverna for a bite. Anthonino’s is located in a bit of St. 346 more words

St. Louis Eats

The Royale: The Restaurant of Brotherly Love

My baby brother came to town this weekend. Not so much of a baby anymore, freshly twenty-one, he stands six inches above my head. I still have flashbacks of a little boy standing confidently in Power Ranger underwear, an Aladin lamp belted around his waist, helping my mom in the garden. 540 more words

St. Louis Eats

Mangia Italiano: Between Brillance and Bologna

Mangia is an Italian restaurant on South Grand–one that I keep revisiting, despite its inconsistent performance. I suppose its food has as much an identity crisis as its split decor: one side–formal, white cloth upon its tables, calm, a bit romantic. 434 more words

St. Louis Eats

Festival of Nations: Rations of Delicious Persuasions

Once a year, Tower Grove Park hosts an amazing event: The Festival of Nations. This was my first year to partake. Living only four blocks from the park, my husband, Steven, and I frequent the park several times a week. 471 more words

St. Louis Eats

The Worst, Best, and In-Between in St. Louis Dining

I’ve lived in St. Louis for a little over a year–so I can hardly call myself an expert on the city. In fact, I’m still getting lost at least several times a month. 265 more words

St. Louis Eats

Charlie Brennan - Wednesday, March 30th

Is it true that all French wine is made from Missouri vines? Joe Pollack, who runs a blog entitled “St. Louis Eats”, explains.

Charlie talks with Michael Barone, Sr. 75 more words

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