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Our Happy Place

All of us who have traveled probably have a favorite… well, this is “Our Happy Place”… Phillipsburg, St. Maarten… specifically the beach overlooking the harbor off the boardwalk…. 536 more words


Fun With Flags

One of the stops I made on my cruise over Easter Break was to an island in the Caribbean called St. Martin.  It is very unique because it is divided between 2 countries: France and The Netherlands.  121 more words


The birds

Walking early morning gives often the opportunity to watch the nature at her most beautiful time. The sunrise provide to the birds the perfect light to show us a splendid spectacle.


Goodbye St. Maarten, We'll Miss You!

I remember the first morning I woke in my new Sint Maarten apartment, ready to embrace my new life as a Caribbean medical student. As I opened my eyes in our sunlit white bedroom I thought: “Am I really here right now?” I’ve learned so much through this amazing experience and cannot possibly express how this little island has changed my life. 345 more words


Happy Birthday to Meeeee!!!

Earlier this month a had a birthday. Not a big one, but one to be celebrated all the same. Living in the “Big City”, sometimes you need a break before a breakdown occurs. 370 more words

Sorry guys, but today it's my turn!

On the field for a landscape cession, 3 brown boobys (“Fou brun” in French) decided to land in the frame. This one was particularly calling for a portrait cession and I was not able to resist to her beautiful eyes. 15 more words


The hidden face of the Caribbean

Far from the touristicals “clichés”, this is Caybay, located on the south of the island of St Maarten in the Caribbean.
On the left you can see the entrance of the “Seaside Nature Park”, a protected area of the Dutch side, with its local restaurant and horse riding. 81 more words