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At District meeting this week the missionaries shared the great successes they are having here. It is amazing how the work here has grown and developed! 4,855 more words

The World and All That

I get to travel once in a while. I guess you could say if I could travel all the time I think I would and wouldn’t get tired of it. 246 more words

New missionaries

We had new missionaries come this week to add to our group (we now have a total of #8 young missionaries working in St Martin!) 293 more words

My Summer Vacation...

It is a beautiful paradox that the patron saint of soldiers was a conscientious objector. Since his father was a pagan army man, St. Martin’s namesake is the god of war, Mars himself.  2,093 more words

Slow week

ST Martin July 19 15

This week was a rather slow week for us—lots of studying. Terri had a few important medical issues to resolve, and I was being trained and reading up about my new assignment with the mission vehicles. 3,805 more words

Don't break the Comb - Rochelle shairs

Dear readers,

I promised you all that we would find out more about Naturalista Rochelle’s brainchild – Don’t break the Comb!

If you do not know about the site, I am sure just the name and the logo will pique your interest, cause many naturals can relate or have “horror” memories from childhood when our hair was tugged, pulled and broke many combs on Sunday night in preparation for school on Monday. 259 more words

Natural Hair