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Dinosaurs never existed!

Dinosaurs are an invention by scientists to create revenue and a ploy to perpetuate scientists’ careers.  They created the whole idea, manufactured fake bones, buried them in choice locations that agreed on the ploy for a share of the profits, then tipped off their friends on the potential “day of discovery.” 66 more words

Patrick: Son of Ireland (review)

One of Lawhead’s better pieces. The story flows well and on most historical points Lawhead did his research well. He utterly misunderstands Pelagius, imputing to him motives Pelagius never had and having Pelagius attacked for things the Romans never accused him of. 74 more words

Book Review

Tara - A Political and Religious Center

In pre-Christian Ireland, Tara was considered the most important center of political and religious power. It is considered the “soul of Ireland” where people have been coming for  years and continue to visit today. 699 more words


Celtic Saint-15th August

Mac Cairthinn of Clogher otherwise known as St. Maccarthen, Bishop of Clogher
(MacCartin, Aid, Aed)

Saint Mac Cairthinn, also Macartan, belongs to a very early generation of Christian saints in Ireland, and is recognized as the first presiding… 478 more words

Feasts And Commemorations

2016 Season

The following is important information regarding the 2016 season for both junior and senior players.


All new and returning players are asked to attend a brief meeting on Wednesday, September 7th, at lunch, in the main gym. 153 more words


This "Reek Sunday" thousands of pilgrims ascend Croagh Patrick

Each year on the last Sunday of July between 15,000 and 30,000 brave souls flock to Croagh Patrick, one of the most dangerous mountains in Ireland, to imitate the spiritual ascent of Saint Patrick. 555 more words


St Patrick’s Day in Rishikesh, India

I have celebrated St Patrick’s Day all around the world! I have partied, drank Guinness & ate Irish stew in Dublin, I spent 3 wonderful St Patrick’s Days in the beautiful Swiss Alps (one of which I got too drunk to host a potato party – classic Irish move), Italy, Belfast & many in Co Down where the legend is laid to rest. 150 more words