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Open City stories: Lisa Taylor

She is chief executive of Future of London, an influential network of urban policy makers and practitioners concerned with the city’s physical regeneration and economic evolution. 1,078 more words

Open City

10 of the most memorable (and historic) views of London - 1. View from St Paul's Cathedral's dome...

We kick off a new series this week looking at 10 of most memorable (and historic) views of London and to kick it off, we’re looking at the views from one of London’s most prominent historic institutions, St Paul’s Cathedral. 309 more words


Nicholas Brembre 50

When he awoke he could feel the cut of the air to his ears and cheeks and to whatever else was in the tiny space exposed to the world. 3,777 more words

That Old Book Smell

As a life-long book collector and a long-time bookseller, I have always loved that special woody, floral, dusky aroma that only emanates from books with age. 170 more words


Photo Archive: Horsemen, The Lord Mayor's Procession, opposite St. Paul's Cathedral, London, 2006.

I remember these riders quite clearly, but I never did find out what  aspect of London life these men were representing in the Lord Mayor’s Procession, because I didn’t buy a programme, but it was remarkably easy to believe that the Lord Mayor would not be coming and that The City of London was under new management. 25 more words

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Trolling Monuments

We love it when tourists take funny pictures of famous monuments, but we think it’s even better when other monuments troll famous landmarks.

Here’re 2 of Stuffing London’s best.

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