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Feeling the heat in Rome

After a few days of soaking in art and culture in Florence, we were ready to enter the ancient city of Rome. We arrived in the evening so after meeting up with relatives, they took us to see the Vatican and the Colosseum. 361 more words


On the Way to Saint Peter by rchris

Franciscan monks on their way to St Peter’s Basilica – The Vatican City State..

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My Vatican City Experience by Emma

It was my second day in Rome, tired from the previous day, I woke up late, had breakfast and stopped at the hotel reception to draw up the day’s itinerary. 176 more words

Historic Procession of Holy Face in Rome

A historic pilgrimage of the Holy Face has taken place  in Rome, though few were aware of its importance or of the great spiritual significance of the quiet procession by devoted pilgrims carrying a replica of the Holy Face of Manoppello this weekend. 1,510 more words

Pantheon: A temple to all the gods

The Pantheon is the best preserved architectural monument of ancient Rome. It’s long history notwithstanding it had a somewhat rough start. It was first commissioned by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa in 27-25 BCE under Augustus rule.  374 more words

The Roman Empire