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Padre Pio Welcomed to Rome

By: Lianna Matteson

Upon the request of Pope Francis, Padre Pio is welcomed to Rome after 50 years of death. According to Daily Mail, Padre Pio’s undecayed body draws close to a million people every year. 414 more words


Ashing Service Tonight

Huddersfield Parish Church at 7.30pm this evening, a service in preparation for Lent.

Huddersfield Parish Church

Bell-Ringer Quarter Peal for the Confirmation

On Sunday afternoon the bells at St. Peter’s rang out in celebration after the confirmation.


Cieli di San Pietro, Roma, Italia

My trophy pictures of Rome. I think every photographer has these pictures. Ones they are most proud of. And these, for me, are it. I have loads of pictures from the trip, but these three… I am actually satisfied with them. 36 more words


Lent Overview

Huddersfield Parish Church is resourcing Lent with different styles of study, prayer and action.

What will you take on this Lent?