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Good News

Saturday 10 December

Jesus said that the poor will have good news brought to them. That leads me to ask ‘Well, what about the rich?’ 186 more words

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Wednesday 7 December

There is nothing worse than a diversion. Instead of arriving at Aunty Flo’s on time, just as you get close, you are forced on the diversion. 163 more words


Baptism - A personal Journey in which it is discovered that infant baptism is Biblical!

I have been asked to explain about why I believe what I believe about baptism. Rather than give a theological explanation or a detailed examination of all the Scriptures concerned with baptism (there are plenty books and articles that do that from different perspectives) I thought I would just simply give a personal testimony about my journey on this issue. 3,652 more words



Monday 5 December

In David Attenborough’s programmes showing the desert, it is often a film of the transformation when the  rain comes.

We start with  barren, dry, cracked, scorched earth. 121 more words


Christ be with Me.

Saturday 3 December

I really love the hymn ‘St. Patrick’s Breastplate’, the verse about Christ being all about us.
St Patrick’s Breastplate
Tomorrow is The Second Sunday in Advent and as the season continues it reverberates with calls to vocation, to self examination and recognition of Jesus alongside, within, above and below. 85 more words


Called Afresh

Friday 2 December

Sunday will focus this week of reflection at Huddersfield Parish Church particularly. The Bishop of our Diocese of Leeds, Nick Baines, who contributed yesterday’s reflection, will confirm candidates during the main morning service. 94 more words