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Our Call

So I say now that all of us who wear this holy habit of Carmel are called to prayer and contemplation. This explains our origin; we are the descendants of those who felt this call, of those holy fathers on Mount Carmel who in such great solitude and contempt for the world sought this treasure, this precious pearl of contemplation that we are speaking about. 413 more words

St. Teresa Of Avila

All Carmelite Saints

Happy Feast of All Carmelite Saints!

From St. Teresa’s Foundations (Chap. 29:33)

“. . . remember the favor our Lord has granted us in bringing us to this order” and  “How many saints we have in heaven who have worn this habit! 22 more words


Tea Cup

Seedling: It is love alone that gives worth to all things. ~St. Teresa of Avila

Dream: In an angry tirade, a nasty man chucked my beautiful fine china on the ground to shatter. 244 more words

Seedlings Of The Saints

The Fourth Mansion: Recollection and Detachment

St. Teresa of Avila is far too smart for me. I barely understand what she is talking about. Maybe its because I’ve never experienced what she talks about in my prayer. 553 more words

Interior Monastery

HYPNAGOGIA is Complete! Watch it here.

written + directed by Cole Webb Harter

featuring Katy Killion, Gabriela Tatone, Emily Reese Castro, McKenna Jones, Grace O’Brien, Nadia Sine, and Brianna Hughes.



The Fourth Mansion: Part 2

To continue through the Fourth Mansion.

So much time is put into differentiating between sweetness and consolation in prayer. Evidently, both are good, but one is better, and it is important to know how these two things are different. 556 more words


Numerous Notes and the Greater Debtor

To open this blog, let it be noted that I do not feel well. Documenting my current mood is an important sort of thing for the sake of any current and potentially future readers. 1,481 more words