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Time to come clean: are water bill payments keeping Ascent afloat?

A troubling state of affairs when your water bill payment appears to be the only thing keeping Ascent/St. Thomas Energy afloat.

Of much greater concern is the lack of transparency at city hall and the lack of due diligence on the part of city council. 1,264 more words

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After eight years, where might the money be?

Coming up to three months since both sides in the Sutherland saga faced each other again at the Elgin County Courthouse. On May 27, city staff and Toronto owner… 1,131 more words

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Kenny will be packing potatoes in a higher place

Surely no one individual has contributed more to the fibre of life in St. Thomas over the past six decades than Ken Verrell.

A compilation of his accomplishments and volunteer work forwarded to me Friday nearly fills two pages and Iā€™m sure others could easily be added to the list. 999 more words

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Psst, need a courthouse parking permit?

Seems there is a flourishing black market in St. Thomas that ā€” surprisingly ā€” does not involve sex, drugs or rock and roll.
The hot commodity is permits that allow you to park free of charge on residential streets adjacent to the consolidated courthouse on Wellington St. 1,101 more words

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On a day to remember, someone frankly forgot

If you ever feared the love and respect we lavish on our veterans has diminished to any extent, an unfortunate incident Wednesday at city hall should allay any fears the true meaning of Remembrance Day has faded over time. 974 more words

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