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Bequia’s Gifts

Bequia, the island is so small, that to yachtie’s the main town is widely known as just Bequia. I guess that’s like calling Borth, ‘Wales’. And like other Caribbean islands, the first thing that comes at you on land are dogs. 603 more words


The Duvet

And so it is. Two days of juggling scuba diving and school rolled into one enormous working Friday. With extra challenges thrown in. You know, just for fun. 467 more words


Delphine's Day, Part Two

Delphine turned out to be a naturally relaxed and confident scuba diver. Should I be surprised? I was a little, to be honest. Not about her ability or her traits, but just watching her doing something so grown-up. 431 more words


Delphine's Day, Part One

The day came. The day we’d been waiting for. Working for. Dreaming about.

And, at the same time, it was just a normal day. Just a Wednesday. 402 more words


Take a Breath

I didn’t think any Caribbean marine environment could top Mustique. Nature can be anti-climactic like that. Once you see somewhere really good, everywhere else turns out to be slightly disappointing. 480 more words


Monday Evening’s Sonnet

I sit here with the phone flashlight pointing at Lu’s notebook. This is so Lu can copy out her English notes without squinting like a mole under the cockpit’s light. 442 more words


Boat Watching

Turns out Bequia is a good place to boat watch.

Out came the binoculars. Cap spent all evening staring through them.

Here in Bequia we have yachties again. 341 more words