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The Thousand Dollar Tan Line - Rob Thomas

I saw in the new year reading one of the greatest stories ever written/aired (besides Harry Potter of course). This book is a great carry on from the TV series, Veronica Mars, and really encapsulates the essence that is Veronica, Keith, Wallace and of course Logan (love heart eyes – SWOON). 106 more words

Lost headstone 10

Next up on our group of lost headstones from c.1870 is this one, with many of the important details frustratingly obscured by the railings in the foreground. 157 more words

Family History

This Moment

Are you living it up? Are you doing exactly what you want to be doing? If not this moment, then when?

I believe in living in the moment and maximizing doing what I love, every day in addition to the work required to keep things flowing, of course. 148 more words

Feeling excluded – detrimental for trust?

The other day I was in conversation with the author of a paper on the subject of trust, which included a number of case studies. I noticed that, as people talked about how their sense of trust in someone had changed, they often seemed to be pointing to feelings of inclusion or exclusion.  470 more words


So, What Do You Want To Do?

Elsewhere on this blog, I mentioned that the inspiration for this cross-country bike trip was my friend Sheila, who thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail several years ago. 509 more words


14 years ago!

Super #tbt – Mabel’s high school graduation!!


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