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Stacey - workout pants

Came home and stacey is taking a nap on the living room couch. But she is wearing adidas super-tight workout pants. I change into some gym shorts withouth any boxers and head back down the stairs til I can see her. 71 more words

Stacey - Suntan

Jacked off watching stacey laying out in the blue bikini, right outside kitchen window, also in two other green bikinis. Then she sat around the house wearing only that.,

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Stacey - blue/purple VS Bra/Panties

purple\blue satin vs bikini panties and front closure bra / used with cheer uni, driving, at erica’s house, in her car…

Stacey - Nude pics

found naked pics of her, shared with jordan and jacob, they wanted to keep one so bad.  Wanted to let them take them into the bathroom, but didn’t want to say that.

Stacey - Sports bra Doggystyle

She wanted to borrow my snow pants, came in wearing sports bra and boxers. After playing in teh snow, she was changing and onto her bed, on all fours, bent across it to reach the phone on the other… 19 more words

Stacey - Purple panties

Walked down the hall, caught a glimpse of bush and purple panties being pulled up, went in closet, pulled out cock, and said holy shit. 32 more words

Stacey - Orange VS V String/Bra

Easter sunday, denim button up shirt, khaki pants, super thin VS orange v string and matching bra, noticed on the way to church, not too much focusing after that.. 19 more words