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More Loves

More of my loves came to see me today from far away and I am the happiest girl! And I’m tired because we stayed up into the morning laughing and sharing stories. 13 more words

Jeremy protecting Cassie at Strawberry


  • appeared frightened too” / “She d-did, Pa. R-right now, ‘fore y’all come, she did –”.
    Even though Jeremy was afraid, he still stood up for Cassie and tried to protect her.
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Jeremy on Logan's Bus Incident

  • Pg 41 “When Jeremy Simms spied us from his high perch … he ran hastily down and joined us / his face lighting into a friendly grin…
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Jeremy walking to school with Logans

  • “I didn’t want him walking with us, but he keeps on anyway” – Stacey
  • “the white kids laugh at him ’cause he do.” – Stacey…
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Jeremy's Christmas Present

  • Christmas night
  • Jeremy visited the Logans and gave them a “small burlap bag” “full of nuts”.
  • He handed Stacey a “slender, paper-wrapped object”
  • “Made it myself” – Jeremy…
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TJ on Stacey's coat

  • “It’s all right, I guess”
  • casual reaction
  • “fat preacher”, “Reverend Logan”
  • he said since it “fit him just right”
  • he’d “take it off my hands till I grow into it”
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Mead Making!!

Making mead for the wedding!
Blackberry honey and alfalfa honey for two different varieties. :)


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