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Border Issues June 2018

All I see on social media these days is the separation of families along our southern border. How can we talk about this issue in our classrooms? 48 more words

Authentic Text

Episode 123 - Kameha Con 2018

Laven and Jack are nowhere to be found, so Wesley and Joshua interview Stacey and Jennifer about their experience at Kameha Con, the first ever Dragon Ball fan convention! 71 more words

One Monthly Goal

Linking with One Monthly Goal on Elm Street Quilts. Click above to post your finish, or to see what others accomplished with their goals in April. 140 more words


Book Report: “CAVE: An Emerging Immersive Technology”

Book Report: “CAVE: An Emerging Immersive Technology”

Baladya, Stacey Marie S.

The changing and progressing of times has brought about different advancements in different fields, and one of which includes technology. 1,564 more words



I used medals as found objects for my typography assignment. I wanted to form something that presents such an eye opener to college students who were achievers during their high school and are somewhat lost in their college days. 156 more words


Self Logo

A self-logo that would be designed to express one’s personality is a very hard thing to conceptualize. At first, you may not even know yourself that much to mix up colors and shapes to make your own identity. 148 more words


Stop Motion

At first, the idea went with an emoji symbol running around different sceneries in Cebu City. It was supposed to be presented by the emoji being a traveler or explorer of some sort. 116 more words