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On Kafka's place in the MQ landscape

Just got back from CrunchConf 2018. A good panel of speakers and an interesting conference. Lots of food and drinks. Good atmosphere, helpful organizers. Fun times, good memories. 1,456 more words


Farewell, Daisy Shipton

This is more of a quick, explanatory “heads-up” post than anything else.

On March 31st 2018, I started an experiment: I created a new Stack Overflow user called “Daisy Shipton” with no picture and a profile that just read “Love coding in C#” (or similar). 278 more words

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StackExchange for Dynamics 365 (looking for help).

I’m considering creating a proposal for a StackExchange site dedicated to Dynamics 365. For that to work I need help from the Dynamics community. 160 more words

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Losing anchors under a fixed navbar

I’m having a problem you might be able to help with.

Here’s my codepen. I’m creating the product landing page task from freecodecamp. I have all the requirements down to pass but it’s still not right so I’m not submitting it until the bugs are out.  114 more words

How to use a pre-populated database in Android?

Using local databases for persisting data is fairly easy in Android because of the in-built SQLite Database it provides. If you have used it before, you would know that you would have to extend a helper class named ‘SQLiteOpenHelper’ for the purpose. 874 more words

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No more frustrating Googling

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein

(source: Reddit or Developers Team)

You’ve all been there. You ask for something, and what comes back is not the answer, but instead a bunch of unnecessary advices on keeping the rules of the community, down voting into oblivion, and a rude zero-effort link to a documentation you’ve already read and still had hard time understanding.

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[StackOverflow] How do I enumerate an enum?

How can you enumerate an enum in C#?

E.g. the following code does not compile:

public enum Suit 

public void EnumerateAllSuitsDemoMethod() 
    foreach (Suit suit in Suit) 
} 31 more words