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So Python Finally Beats Out Java

With Java having become so popular among professional, enterprise developers, one would think it would reign supreme among techies. But with the fast rise of Big Data and Cloud Computing thanks in large part to Apache Spark, Python has edged out Java as the most popular development platform, according to a  comprehensive 2019… 36 more words

Platforms that I use for Q&A purpose

Due to the power of the Internet, people can exchange their knowledge to each other around the world just in a second. However, I see that many students, especially in Vietnam, lack this skillset because they may not know there are many free sources on the Internet which allow them to discuss with other people about what they want to know. 626 more words


Smashing the Stack

Hi everyone, in this blog post I’ll be talking about how to perform a stack buffer overflow exploit, also practically demonstrating the exploit. But first, we’re going to talk about … 1,493 more words


Android Studio always modifying codeStyleSettings.xml - Fixed

Yesterday a colleague of mine started experiencing a weird issue with their android studio. Whenever they’d build the code, a change would be written to… 557 more words


Use stackoverflow, and use it well

Dear new developer,

Stackoverflow (SO) is great for three different kinds of developers (and someone can be all three over time):

  • those who are looking for answers, usually via Google (searchers)
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Letters To A New Developer

Where does my git question go? - Programmers Meta Stack Exchange

StackOverflow / StackExchange is growing too large:

You’ve got a question about git. Its not uncommon, lots of people have questions about git. But where should the question be asked?

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