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Wells Fargo Review Finds 1.4 Million More Suspect Accounts by STACY COWLEY

The bank’s review of potentially fraudulent accounts also found a new problem: customers who were signed up for its online bill payment service without their knowledge.. 8 more words


18 States Sue Betsy DeVos Over Student Loan Protections by STACY COWLEY

The education secretary froze rules that helped borrowers who had attended bankrupt for-profit colleges. The states aim to lift the freeze.. via NYT Business Day http://nyti.ms/2uPXJeI


Student Loan Forgiveness Program Approval Letters May Be Invalid, Education Dept. Says by STACY COWLEY

Over 550,000 people have applied to have their student loans forgiven, and thousands of approval letters have been sent. But they might be wrong.. via NYT Business Day http://nyti.ms/2mVU8fG


With Trump’s Signature, Dozens of Obama’s Rules Could Fall by STACY COWLEY

A little-used law may be used by the Trump administration to strike down regulations passed since this spring under President Obama.. via NYT Business Day http://nyti.ms/2ghuZbk


Leave Wells Fargo Bank…now!

For years, Wells Fargo Bank has knowingly ripped off its customers. The NY Times has done an awesome job of covering the crime. Those who have paid for their wrongdoing and those who haven’t are demonstrations of Democracy At Work—ha! 326 more words


How to Pick the Best Credit Card, Based on Rewards

A guide to some of the most recommended cards and the online comparison tools to help you choose.

Published: October 1, 2016 at 02:00PM

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