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Seattle Has The Blueprint: Why Soccer Stadiums Aren't Always The Best Idea

The ideal arena deal is paid for by a tax or by private money. Both methods are capable of making this process extremely easy. Efficiency is the key to landing an expansion franchise. 844 more words


Munich Olympic Park

The design of the Munich Olympic stadium was considered revolutionary, with sweeping canopies of acrylic glass stabilized by metal ropes.  Honestly, it just looks a bit weird now, and sort of like it’s still being held up with scaffolding. 251 more words


The Giants Are a Great Team, but I Can't Root for Them

I have tried rooting for the San Francisco Giants, but I just can’t. The Giants are a great team, with maybe the majors’ best manager, and they have some truly terrific, lovable players (beginning with the incomparable Buster Posey). 1,057 more words


Day 28 - Checkin out the sights & MLB #4

Despite seeming like a non-tourist city, there’s certainly plenty to do in Atlanta. Just down from my hotel is the Olympic park which commentates and remembers the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. 1,012 more words

Part 1 - Journeying Around

Baseball New York

Citi Field/Yankee Stadium

Citi Field, Queens

Yankee Stadium, the Bronx


The Scam of Sports Stadiums

Professional Sports Teams make a lot of money.  So why do taxpayers have to help pay for their new stadiums?   John Oliver breaks it down.


Why Sports Suck:

I’ve always wanted to write a paper with a thesis of: Sports are generally sexist, racist, and cause more physical harm than promote health. But this wasn’t even in my ball park. Now I hate them more: