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In Response to Erin Flegg’s “New Space, Old Politics”

by Sekhmet She Owl

Some Canadian anti-feminist woman named Erin Flegg wrote a hit piece on the Vancouver Women’s Library and the women who run it. 4,481 more words

Radical Feminism

Academic paper published by NWU Library Staff

The latest academic paper to be published by NWU Library staff members is on the use of Social Media at the NWU Library during the #FeesMustFall Campaign. 143 more words

Staff Articles

#LetsTalkAboutSex : Passion Dust, Pussy Glitter, or why we can't leave vaginas alone

By Alex Williams, YWWAV Summer Intern – A new product called Passion Dust has been making the rounds on the internet. Passion Dust is a cosmetic glitter “adult novelty product” that comes in capsules that are inserted into the vagina an hour before sex. 822 more words

Health Education

In Response to Erica West's "The Pitfalls of Radical Feminism"

by Sekhmet She Owl

So Jacobin Mag, that vaguely socialist dick fest of a publication, predictably ran an article condemning radical feminism. The piece was written by a handmaiden who identifies herself as a socialist, and despite the fact that she’s currently in pursuit of a PhD, she managed to write a disjointed, dishonest smear job thinly veiled as political concern trolling, telling readers that radical feminists are down with capitalism and (gasp!) exclude males from our movement even if they live life in drag. 3,627 more words


Who's a Radical Feminist?

by Sekhmet She Owl

Something I’ve noticed about so-called “radical feminist” online spaces and self-identified “radfems,” is that a majority of them are not, in fact, radical or feminist. 1,495 more words