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Who's a Radical Feminist?

by Sekhmet She Owl

Something I’ve noticed about so-called “radical feminist” online spaces and self-identified “radfems,” is that a majority of them are not, in fact, radical or feminist. 1,495 more words


Creative Vibrations. . .and Inspiration. .

Learning new talents daily is on extreme feat, but what if you always want to learn a new medium?

We talked about learning curves… 435 more words

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Feminism in International Relations (and why it matters)

By Nile Pierce*

With the backdrop of the US presidential election, the world continues to turn, international markets, government leaders, and the global citizenry anxiously await the outcome of this dramatic debacle that will decide the fate of diplomacy, business, war, the environment, and human life. 2,318 more words



Creating art is relaxing to me.
It’s a way of personal expression.
– Augustyne

Art Collabs? What’s that, with who? With anyone and everyone. It’s not hard to find someone who is willing to collab with you, but what are you looking for in this collab exactly?

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Becoming a Minimalist . . .An Artists. . .30 Day Challenge

Starting today, October 9th, year in our Lord two thousand and sixteen, I August, shall attempt a feat of incomparable measure. I shall once and for all. 268 more words

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Learning Through Experience

Good Morning!
Now I know, for a fact, that there are better artists than me, but I’ve come to accept that fact and have embraced this style I’ve come to develop. 520 more words

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Redbubble Update!

Good Morning, and Happy Inktober, and HalloThankMas!

October 1st marks the start of the 3 month long holiday. It’s strange, but true. If you’ve traveled to any walmart lately, one aisle is Halloween, the next Thanksgiving, and the next one has Christmas decorations. 352 more words

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