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Bring Possibilities to Reality

Possibilities are always out there in the conceptual world. Possibilities are good; they are empowering and energetic. But if possibility is not accompanied with a series of actions, practices and disciplines it just becomes nice talk. 28 more words



As part of its annual activity plan and also capacity building, DAQVAH CHARITY FOUNDATION has ended a four-day internal Database Management training for all its staffs. 81 more words


End of life care core skills education and training framework

Source: Health Education England

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Date of publication: February 2017

Publication type: Framework

In a nutshell: The End of Life Core Skills Education and Training Framework outlines the knowledge and skills needed to support people at the end of life. 54 more words

Palliative Care

Director's Thoughts #6

While many people had a long weekend, ALL my staff was at work on Monday for a staff training day. We have, what I would consider a medium-sized library with almost 50 people on staff (most of whom are part-time or very part-time).   320 more words

Make It About Others

Nothing will make you feel more alive and fulfilled than being involved with a project or a goal much bigger than your personal interest or agenda. 16 more words


Make Employee Engagement Your Number One Goal

The main function of any business is to make money. You already know this, and commit yourself to making this happen. But have you got your priorities in order? 527 more words


Manage Your Inner Chatter

The actions we take, decisions we make and what comes out of our mouth are generated by our inner dialogue. Managing our inner chatter is the key to directing our behaviors and generating our results.  6 more words