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Giving Vs. Taking

There is something great in giving that does not exist in just taking or holding onto things! Keep giving and keep going after your desires, and your life will work. 14 more words


Your Communication Skills

Your communication skills do not show in what you say or how you are saying it. They show in how well your message is received by others and how well they understand what you are saying! ~Behnam Bakhshandeh, #CoachBehnam


How Has Your Business Performed Since #CyclonePam?

Could you use some help with any of these business issues?

If so, then please feel free to contact us for an initial no-cost, obligation-free appointment to discuss your business profit performance strategies: 8 more words

Business Management

Luxury of Justifications

We get much closer to producing the results we planned if we give up luxury of justifications, reasons and excuses. The world is full of talented people who have a great explanation of why they are not living to their utmost potential. –Behnam Bakhshandeh, #CoachBehnam


Are you prepared for the changes and impact of the Prevent Agenda and the new single CIF

SkillzFirst are professional educators who can help your school prepare to meet Ofsted requirements, we’re committed to developing staff in the following areas:– 


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SkillzFirst are professional educators who can help your school prepare to meet Ofsted requirements, we're committed to developing staff in the following areas:– 

  • Prevent Agenda – The new ‘Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015’ puts a responsibility on schools to participate in work to prevent young people being drawn into terrorism & challenge extremist ideas/behaviour
  • Safeguarding – From September 2015 Ofsted is making far-reaching changes in the way they inspect schools, the new CIF will have a greater emphasis on safeguarding
  • Cyberbullying and e-Safety – A topic high on Ofsted’s safeguarding agenda, qualifying your staff will demonstrate compliance with guidelines

We can provide Ofqual accredited qualifications or bespoke CPD training for managers, teachers and support/auxiliary staff

We’re happy to discuss your school’s individual needs!

Contact us now for more details or visit our website

      01226 885005          alison@skillzfirst.com      www.skillzfirst.com

SDC runs a three day staff media training

Every summer, here at SDC, we look to build our capacity for change. In order to increase our staff skills, we have just completed a three-day training course. 273 more words