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Karen Spann

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Professional Employment Group

Location: Saint Louis, Mo.

With a stern believe in a lifetime of learning, Karen Spann continues to expand her business acumen through her experiences at the staffing group, … 209 more words


Staffing- A complete set of process

Staffing has always been the most important managerial act which involves various management processes like planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Effective staff management is essential to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the organization. 220 more words

Softenger Company Review


In any organization… People make the difference. Being properly staffed means having the right amount of people for the amount of work. Being overstaffed, or understaffed, negatively impacts the bottom line. 97 more words


The Second Oldest Profession... and it isn't Espionage

Recruiting is the second oldest profession, preceded only by… well you know.

A lot of recruiters don’t understand that they are literally partaking in one of the purest professions that still exist in today’s marketplace. 289 more words

Rebecca Sargeant

Tapping into LinkedIn's Pipeline of Talent!

Quickly off the top of your head, count how many LinkedIn personal connections and professional work groups you engage in. You probably are saying to yourself, I have too many to count, I will estimate how many and continue reading. 116 more words


Sometimes You Need an Assist.

It is the Sweet Sixteen and competion is getting fierce! As we settle in for another weekend of March Madness, I want you to focus on your March Madness. 246 more words

Real Estate

Make money with this Bracket!

Do you fill out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament every year, just to possibly with a couple bucks?  Well what if I told you there was a bracket, that you could fill out, and make money with 100% certainty?   287 more words

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