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Guardian Angels: Part I

Buckle up fam, the journey of Linds getting to Chicago is about to take some twists and turns.

Like I said in my last post, I took a baby step of faith and the Lord blessed that tiny bit of trust with this awesome story that I’m about to share. 1,101 more words

Staffing: The Backbone of Every Business

You have probably heard the phrase; failure to plan is planning to fail. It is my firm belief a business is only as good as management’s ability to hire, educate, and create a dynamic staff model. 1,441 more words


How To Find A Mentor At Work

Let’s be honest, finding a mentor can be kind of awkward. And yet we’re consistently told that one of the best ways to advance in our careers is to find one. 923 more words


Work Life Quality, Healthy Work Environments, and Nurse Retention (Clinical Nurse Specialist, 2018, 32(3) p .111–113)

Understanding the quality of nursing work life is important to ensure nurses are retained and strategies developed to recruit more students to the profession. Quality of work life (QWL) refers to a work environment’s ability to satisfying professional and work-related experiences. 34 more words

Student Nurses

Nurse turnover in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An integrative review. (Journal of Nursing Management, 2018, Apr. E-pub)

Saudi Arabia is notably one of the nations with a health care system that is bombarded by high rates of turnover and turnover intention. Moreover, rapid population growth and the expansion of the health care system increase the demand on registered nurses in the kingdom. 23 more words


Retaining nurses in a changing health care environment: The role of job embeddedness and self-efficacy (Health Care Management Review, 2018, Apr. E-pub)

This article reports on a study with results that show that change-related self-efficacy is directly linked to turnover intentions, and the effects of job embeddedness on turnover intentions become fully manifest through change-related self-efficacy. 34 more words