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Stage 3 RFF Phalloplasty - 6 Days to Go

Wow, it’s weird to think I’ll be Post-op this time next week… I’m nervous, but it’s manageable at the moment. I think the nerves come from two main areas: 298 more words

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Stage 3 RFF Phalloplasty - 11 Days to Go

Not much is really changing in my pre-surgery routine at this stage.

I’ve reduced my caffeine intake to basically zero (benefits of being on holidays). I’m still taking my silica and citrilline to aid with recovery. 105 more words

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Stage 3 Mini Essay

Culture is a fluid concept that constantly changes as time passes and as such connotations involving verbiage evolve to match the trends. Likewise, the word “saddle” has rapidly accumulated a wide variety of connotations and associations within the last few decades where the connections weren’t advertised as much prior to that time. 689 more words

Stage 3

Cancer Journey: Part 2

I’ve been on oral chemotherapy for a week now.  I have been lucky not to experience many side effects.  The worst, so far, has been nausea and fatigue.  500 more words

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Another Meaning

“Ginuwine – Pony.” Youtube, uploaded by GinuwineVEVO, 5 December 2014, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbnoG2dsUk0.

This song was released in 1996 and re-done by ToughLove in 2017.  Ginuwine, the original artist, is giving a concert in a bar which transitions to a brightly lit concert stage as the music video progresses. 391 more words

Stage 3

A Strange New Use

“The Official Pony up Daddy Commercial | As Seen on TV.” Youtube, uploaded by OfficialAsSeenOnTV, 16 August 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mguSmqozG4

This commercial advertises a children’s toy to be used when playing the timeless pony game where a child sits on their parent’s back as they crawl around the floor on their hands and feet. 316 more words

Stage 3