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Ceramic Marker Renders:

To outline my plans before entering the workshop I produced a variety of quality Renders demonstrating my design ideas.

Wanting to make simple forms such as the hairdryer I attempted to add small touches that added to the design. 280 more words

Stage 3

The Memphis Group:

For the longest time I have felt my work was lacking direction and needed a distinct style relatable to me. Searching for guides to work from I revisited artist research on my blog and recorded key information. 294 more words

Stage 3

5/6S Platypus

Students have been studying endangered animals and exploring lots of different mediums to create artworks that will be displayed on posters to help bring about awareness of the gorgeous platypus.


5SR Turtles

Year 5 have been learning about endangered animals. They are experimenting with a range of medium (pencil, oil pastel, watercolour and paint) to create some posters to help raise awareness and help save our wildlife.


The Black Sheep and Stage 3

Well, I guess I will look at Stage 3 today. See where we land.

Stage 3:

EMOTIONAL DESPAIR, SADNESS & WITHDRAWAL-The storm of intense emotions of the second stage gives way to a period of heavy sadness, silence and withdrawal from family and friends.

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Day To Day Life

Pop Art Captions

Stage 3 have been learning about endangered Animals. Pop Art is based on popular culture and the students experimented using slogans to capture an audiences attention.


Anthopometrics and Ergonomics studies:

As part of my sketchbooks account of my ceramics experiments I identified, having produced a range of cardboard models, that many were uncomftable and difficult to use. 148 more words

Stage 3