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Post-op Review

I saw Hans last Monday for a 6-week review of stage 3. I know it’s late – our stuff arrived from the removalist on Monday, and we’re finally settling in, so hopefully the moving excuses can stop! 385 more words

FtM Australia

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin (1963) is contemporary artist known for her autobiographical and confessional artwork. Although I am interested in Emin’s use of a wide range of materials, during my practice at the moment I am mainly drawn to her monoprints, which often incorporate both image and text. 144 more words

Stage 3

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) was a painter and collage artist. I decided to look into Hamilton’s use of digital collage in which he used a Quantel Paintbox to recreate the 1956 collage “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealling?”, reproducing it in a way that would make it more appropriate to the 1990’s. 73 more words

Stage 3

Rosemarie Trockel

Rosemarie Trockel (1952) is a contemporary artist who I decided to look at during this project due to her knitted works. Trockel created these works using a computerised knitting machine and are characterised by their formal contrast of patterns, taken from pattern books and women’s magazines, as well as iconic political and commercial motifs. 117 more words

Stage 3

Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown (1969) is a painter creating pieces of work that combine figuration and abstraction. Although the subject matter and themes with Brown’s work, which are often based on sexuality and attraction, are unlike mine, I found the overall appearance and composition of her paintings informed my practice. 99 more words

Stage 3

Patrick Caulfield

Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005) was a painter and printmaker known for creating pieces of work that reference photorealism and are characterised by their flat planes of colour and thick black outlines. 150 more words

Stage 3

Gerard Hemsworth

Gerard Hemsworth (1945) is a contemporary artist who creates paintings that I have been looking at during this project. Hemsworth aims to create pieces of work that present pictorial and ideological contradictions and work that presents the possibility of picturing something we don’t fully understand. 110 more words

Stage 3