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Tour de Yorkshire, Stage 3, May 1st 2016

The third and final stage of the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race began at Middlesbrough and ended up in Scarborough, 196 km later.  The course of the race can be viewed on the race website (1) and the ups and downs are shown on the Cycling Weekly site (2). 292 more words


Stage 3: Award Winning

Award winning ad: Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die

a) The Dumb Ways to Die campaign by Metro trains did affect consumer behaviour in a sustainable and ongoing way. 379 more words

Stage 3. Award Winning

The Canadian Club campaign, ‘Keeping Australians over Beer for 5-Years’ was designed to affect consumer behaviour in a sustainable, ongoing way through its ability to continually attract younger adults. 274 more words

Stage 3

Building Melodic Patterns - How To Play Guitar - Stage 3 Guitar Lesson [IM-136]

In this guitar lesson we look at developing melodic patterns, and import part of developing your improvising skillset, by helping your fingers “muscle memory” to do cooler stuff than just play scales up and down. 225 more words

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Major Scale Pattern 1: One Finger Guitar Solo - How to Play Guitar - Stage 3 Guitar Lesson [IM-133]

In this guitar lesson we look at doing improvised lead lines (solos) with just one finger. Sounds a strange idea but it’s a GREAT exercise and will really improve your abilty to make music out of scales! 225 more words

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