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Reflections on a Special Kind of Friendship

For Addie who taught me grace, Maureen who embodied tenacity, Jan who pushed the boundaries of life and Aunt Faith and Aunt Gayle who lived valiantly and were gone too soon.  662 more words

Why Such an Amazing Outcome?

Recently my friend Cynthia wrote that in a consultation with University of Colorado’s lung cancer guru Ross Camidge, MD, she was informed that the 5 year survivorship rate for stage 4 lung cancer is now 2%. 786 more words

Let Him Be Among the 16% Surviving Cancer

It was well after midnight and it was becoming more and more difficult to hold back the tears. I had to get out of bed. My husband had just fallen back to sleep and I didn’t want my gentle sniffling to wake him. 370 more words

The Big "C" ....

When I was growing up, you would rarely hear of someone having “CANCER”.  In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and my aunt Barbie was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.   399 more words

When people ask how I am....

How am I?  …

Well, I’m still trying the grasp the idea that 90 days ago I was diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 lung cancer, there is no stage 5.  414 more words

The Tibetan Singing Bowl

I’ve had a few people discuss why and how I use the Tibetan Bowl with respect to “bowling” my husband so I thought that I would elaborate a little about the process.   567 more words


Choices (2)

In my previous entry (Choices), I spoke about how I was struggling to deal with how positive my Mum was whilst facing a limited life span. 776 more words

Losing My Mum