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The Inner Battle of the Last Chemo

As many of you may already be aware, on Tuesday I went to Penn to receive what was my LAST chemo treatment (hopefully) ever! Before I went I was really pumped and totally ready. 626 more words

Leah Still, Still Strong

By now, anyone that watches the NFL knows who Leah Still is.

That adorable, courageous 5-year old diva fighter. And selfie princess, of course. Leah Still is the daughter of the Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle, Devon Still.  454 more words


Hope and Change

I know that “hope and change” have become synonomous with a political campaign, but I assure you I do not want to get political. Hope and change have been on my mind lately as they are great things and both are instrumental in personal growth. 570 more words

Why I'm Choosing to Stop Chemo

As many of you know, I’ve been given the option of continuing with my treatments as is (every 3 weeks), starting to space them out, or stop them completely. 952 more words

Decisions, Decisions

I find it odd that I’ve been so fortunate up until this point to not really have to make any decisions regarding my health. My metastisis was textbook and there was always a pretty clear next step without my needing to add much, if any, input into it. 1,000 more words

Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer

This is a great video which went viral almost instantly. Margaret is almost exactly where this woman is in her diagnosis and treatment. She is stage IV, and it is in her spine and bones.  21 more words

Ghost Sighting

She looked completely concerned yet morbidly intrigued, interested yet utterly confused.  Like what she was seeing did not in any way match up with what she knew was true medically and scientifically.  332 more words