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"Some Good News and an Apology"

These were the exact words of my oncologist when he called me yesterday. “I have some good news and an apology.”

So, let’s get right to it – the good news! 568 more words

Cancer, Anger, and the Old Testament

Two confessions: I don’t read in Psalms much and this week I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with anger.  These two don’t have too awful much to do with each other but God has used both to help me grasp the new reality (or I guess re-grasp the old reality) that I have cancer.  722 more words

Processing the Cancer Diagnosis...Again

It’s really hard to explain how I’m feeling right now. Part of me knew this was coming and another part feels completely betrayed. Part of me sees the opportunity for growth again and part of me resents the notion entirely. 622 more words

My Son the Doctor

Ever since my son was 7 yrs old he had a love of computers. He discovered YouTube and found that he could watch courses taught by MIT professors. 440 more words

Breast Cancer

To Do, or Not To Do: That is the Question 

I feel torn when it comes to planning anything. For example, Christmas is just over a month away. A part of me thinks I have to do everything I can to make this the best Christmas ever, since it could be my last one. 248 more words

Breast Cancer

The Cancer...Returns

Cool title, right? I should totally copyright that and make a million dollars. Anyway…I had a few people urging me to write tonight, and for that I’m grateful. 262 more words

Just. Don't. Okay?

First, I just have to say, I love you. Friends are the bomb. For so many reasons. And I appreciate all of the things you do for me, especially now. 280 more words

Breast Cancer