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Radiation Month

Just a short, but not so sweet update for you all.

As mentioned in the previous post, the 27th of April was the scheduled day for another MRI, followed up by an appointment with the radiation oncologist to discuss potential treatment. 287 more words


Treatment & Tumours

Where to begin with this post?!

The age old saying “one step forward, two steps back” definitely applies to Mum this week, so lets start on a high note – the step forward. 626 more words


Aborted Flight

Ugly surprise. Shrinking.Tag – you have “it.”
From a secure pilots seat,
I ascended into the air
My back holds no parachute.
Speeding towards an ever larger ground, 163 more words


Finally, A Plan....

This past week hasn’t been an ideal one for Mum in the way of receiving results. Fortunately,¬†we’ve finally been given a treatment plan along with a starting time, however this point has not been reached without a few set backs along the way. 429 more words


I Interrupt This Blog....

I Interrupt this blog to bring the most amazingly wonderful Proud Momma news!!!

Buckle up…an entire post sans Cancer!!

Adam has been accepted to the University of Rochester’s class of 2021 AND awarded a FULL SCHOLARSHIP!! 329 more words

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Results are in

I met with my oncologist in Philly this afternoon and I’m just still so astounded by how this all played out.

It started with seeing my results posted online yesterday. 539 more words