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Progress report: test results after four rounds of chemo

This isn’t going to be a long post because I’m still feeling a bit loopy (just had chemo yesterday). But actually, feeling a little better than the last two rounds, right off the bat, because I had them change one of my drugs from a 30-minute drip to a 60-minute drip and it has made a world of difference, already. 733 more words


My Oncologist Can Beat Up Your Oncologist - The Disease Olympics Part 3

Conclusion, see Part 1, Part 2.

So this is what happened early 2013 or late 2012, can’t remember exactly. Point is, it was a long time ago, when I was still in my post-treatment, semi-depressed, white-hot angry about cancer culture phase, and was new to cancer social media. 2,844 more words

Breast Cancer


As many of you know, I had my scans and visit with my oncologist today. I got to meet with him after my full-body PET/CT and brain MRI and his initial read of the scans were that they looked good! 418 more words

God is Still Good...And Cancer Still Sucks

Hey guys! I know it has been an obscene amount of time and for that I apologize. I had felt lead to focus my ministry more on people I could see and touch and less out over the internet. 520 more words

As The Stomach Turns

So, I’ve been dealing with nausea, weight-loss, lack of appetite and change in bowel habits (diarrhea) since maybe March. No one has been able to figure it out. 437 more words

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Jessica DeCristofaro The Lymphoma Barbie!

Jessica DeCristofaro The Lymphoma Barbie!

Life’s Roller Coaster

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We have TRIED to link as much as possible to help YOU discover & Verify THE FACTS for yourself. 1,683 more words


Viewpoint with Ken Rosato

Just a quick follow up post.
The interview I did with Compassion & Choices New York a few weeks ago, aired last night. I wanted to share it here for those of you that may not regularly visit Facebook or Twitter. 126 more words

Metastatic Breast Cancer