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How Do You Say Goodbye?

My Grandpa was diagnosed with stage four soft cell cancer, he received chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatments extended his life for two years, now they say he only has a matter of days left and its time to say goodbye. 739 more words


Can't Ignore the Call

Tomorrow starts September, can you believe it? I’m super excited and here are some things you should know:

1. I want to pray for you… 1,027 more words

New Normal

I don’t remember what feeling good or normal feels like. Honestly. I’m not trying to sound overly dramatic, but the ugly truth is when something like cancer happens, your body keeps getting dealt blow after blow after blow and as you continually absorb each new thing there begins a new normal. 938 more words

Stopping Chemotherapy at #10, out of 12...

Hello Friends & Family,

I had Chemo #10 on July 27th and haven’t gotten the dreaded mouth sores. This is because we reduced my chemo again. 245 more words

Working Scientifically Task 2: Graphs

WS9 Students communicate by:

e. constructing and using the appropriate type of graph (histogram, column, sector or line graph) to express relationships clearly and succinctly, employing digital technologies as appropriate…

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Stage 4

Working Scientifically Task 1: Using Appropriate Units

Stage 4:

WS6 Students conduct investigations by:

e. recording observations and measurements accurately, using appropriate units for physical quantities

Stage 5:

WS5.3 Students choose equipment or resources for an investigation by:

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Stage 5

Truth Hurts

Confession time: I am a people pleaser. I like people to like me and I’m super non-confrontational. In fact when I know someone doesn’t like me (shocking that that could even happen right?? 523 more words