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Update on Seizures

I just wanted to post an update on the whole seizure thing.

Last week I had an echo cardiogram and a consultation with a new Cardiologist.   1,281 more words

The Blessing in the Burden

I get it, I really do. And in some ways, by starting this blog in the first place, I guess I sort of asked for it. 886 more words


Today is #MetsMonday. But women with mets struggle with cancer every day.

In case you didn’t know, Metastatic Breast Cancer is when the cancer has been spread beyond the breasts — typically into the bone, liver, lungs or brain. 415 more words

Breast Cancer

An Overdue Update on Margaret!

I have been told that I am overdue for a blog post on Margaret’s condition. Sorry!

She has successfully completed 4 of 6 rounds of chemotherapy. 521 more words

Hey, ol' buddy, ol' pal, ol' friend of mine!


Omg. So many things are happening, and clues to A’s issues are finally starting to click. Anyway, so where did I last leave off? *runs to blog to read previous entry* Okay, so yes, A had broken out into this huge, patchy, red rash that goes up her legs and arms. 1,058 more words

Dermatitis Herpetiformis

First Day of Chemo

My wife finished her 10 doses of radiation on her vertebrae (I may have said the were cervical verts but in fact there are two thoracic verts involved) this week. 403 more words

Cancer's A Battlefield

I’ve been wanting to update since Tuesday, but things have been really busy around here! Tuesday we set off for Penn for my first chemo infusion since getting the port and because I’ve been having some neurological issues, I also needed a spine MRI to rule out any tumors going on in there. 631 more words