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Rapido Guide: Dubai Tour Stage 4

Assuming that all goes to plan on the final day of this year’s Dubai Tour, the limelight should once again return upon the shoulders of the sprinters. 140 more words


A Great Cancer Date

I haven’t updated on my health in a while – and that’s a good thing! I’m doing really well and after some scans on Friday it seems as though I’m still responding to the chemo and can still be considered NED. 260 more words


I guess it’s no secret I haven’t been on the blogging scene as much recently and I mean, how have you guys even survived without my unparalleled insight and superior wit?? 633 more words

Rapido Guide: Tour Down Under Stage 4


Sprinting should once again be on the agenda to decide the outcome at the Tour Down Under, but it is uncertain who exactly the finale will favour. 242 more words


This is what my wife wrote before I went into transplant and have only just read it! Have a read and see if you think she is amazing or not!

61 more words

Things not to say to people with cancer (or their relatives)

It kind of sucks this even needs to be said, but there are things you really shouldn’t say to people who have been diagnosed with advanced cancer (or their relatives). 301 more words


15 Days In and I Already Want a Do-Over

I’m not going to lie. The end of the year was rough. There was what felt like, an unprecedented number of deaths in my circles. So, when January came a knockin’, well I was all too happy to close the books on 2015. 294 more words

Breast Cancer