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Neither Helpless nor Hopeless

I should be asleep right now.  And in my defense, I tried.  I really did.  But there’s just too much going on.  Too much on my mind.  765 more words

Something Worth Sharing!  

So I’ve come to a revelation of sorts: I don’t want to be a Christian cancer blogger anymore! Cancer is seriously a bummer and Christianity is apparently not a huge seller. 749 more words

PROJECT 2 - Developing your marks - Stages 4 - 5


As the course notes say through out I am becoming very much aware of textures in both my sketches and in life around me generally – I am taking more photos of texture and noticing smaller things such as the textures of a decaying log or the moss that grows in the grass etc and understand what the notes say about trying to recreate the qualities rather than just the image or sketch itself. 2,939 more words


Season of Celebration

I guess I’m going to share this, it’s quite personal which is why I never said anything before, but it’s beginning to make so much sense that I thought I could go ahead and put it out there. 742 more words

Cancer Update

So I’ve got good news and weird news, but no bad news!

Good News: We got the results of my recent PET/CT and I continue to show No Evidence of Disease! 956 more words

Justin's Story

Please take a minute and check out my friend Justin’s story. There’s a lot to be learned here, he gives great advice, and a pretty tough look at what young cancer does to someone and their loved ones. 2,356 more words