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Illustration Variation

Be careful that you don’t get stuck in a rut with your illustration material.  Here are some favourites that preachers sometimes find themselves repeating:

1. Sports… 249 more words


Sermon Planning Strategy

As you plan your message you have some critical strategy decisions to make.  Let’s consider a couple of them:

  1. Where will you make the relevance of the message show?
  2. 371 more words

The Power of an Applicational Phrase

It seems like a lot of people want to hear practical and applicable teaching.  This is understandable. If the alternative is impractical and irrelevant messages then by all means sign me up for the former option.  307 more words


Mishandling Old Testament Quotes in Preaching

Yesterday we saw three big mistakes that are common in explaining OT material in the NT (click here to go there).  Here are some more to ponder: 307 more words


Handling Old Testament Quotes in Preaching - Part 3

So far we have thought about the need to read the Old Testament and to go back to study the source of a quotation. We looked at a specific example… 467 more words


4 Reasons to Handle the Bible Well

Any Christian leader will have opportunity to communicate biblical truth to others. It may be a sermon, or it may be in conversation; it may be to a group of Christians, or it may be an evangelistic setting, but we will all communicate the Bible to others. 844 more words


Big Idea or Big Story? Lessons Both Ways

I studied preaching in the “Big Idea” school of preaching. We were required to read books from the “Christocentric” school of preaching.  In my experience, many preachers in both groups need to learn from one another. 379 more words