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Beyond Stage Fright

Stage fright remains a largely taboo and highly sensitive subject amongst musicians, yet the anxiety of performance is a common feeling experienced by many, including some of the world’s top-flight artists. 252 more words


The Imposter Syndrome

A friend, a professional musician, told me that sometimes, waiting to be introduced, he looked at his trombone and thought, “What is this thing I’m holding? 546 more words


Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - Guest K. Murphy - 5/15/15

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

May 15, 2015

Dearest k,

So… you’ve picked up the harp again after setting it aside the past two and half years to focus on completing your novel, struggling with that recalcitrant black hole of a blind spot.   848 more words

Quick fixes for beginning acting mistakes

Beginning actors are bound to make mistakes, it’s perfectly natural. Here are a few of the most common beginning acting mistakes, things to keep an eye out for, and how to fix them if you find yourself falling prey to these errors. 574 more words

Acting Techniques

Bane of my existence.

Well, today, unlike most of the days, I had time on hand. So, basically having my braincells fry in the Indian summer, my mind wandered off to the things in life that annoy/piss me, like… 326 more words


A Milestone and a talk on #Hashtags

A year ago, I would never have thought that I’d be speaking publicly in front of over 300 young entrepreneurs at the North York City Hall.   341 more words

New Experiences

Sinatra on Stage Fright and Music Professionalism

SKF NOTE: Learning stage fright happens to the some of the giants of music, was a help in overcoming moments of stage fright I had drumming or singing. 280 more words

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