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On new beginnings...

So, this is a bit awkward. First time in a while having a blog in which to type out my thoughts for someone else’s perusal. I guess I can start by stating my intentions with this blog. 488 more words


The Illusion Of Failure

As a guitarist for 26 years and quite good one at that, I had a very uncomfortable moment of failure three weeks ago. I was at a blues jam session, twice as old as most of the others and social anxiety gathered inside of me as I waited my turn on the guitar. 320 more words


I can't just let it hit me... can I?

One of the worst things that can happen to a guy like me with anxiety is being put on the spot. This happened yesterday and it took me several hours to recover from it. 596 more words

Mental Health


Anxiety, sudden rain to my drought
To hear my name, and be plunged into deep thought

My gullet resembles a spiky chain
See my iris, a dark, rainy cloud… 32 more words


“A Soprano on Her Head”

A book review of “A Soprano on Her Head” by Eloise Ristad

The challenges that face many musicians: Facing our peers, preparation, performance anxiety, creativity or in a rut, questioning our decisions or letting it all go for our passion. 554 more words

Stage Fright

Speaking before an audience is a pretty scary thought for me. My self-confidence is nowhere near the likes of public speakers or business executives who conduct convincing presentations to their corporate clients, commanding attention to a 30-minute spiel as if the world’s salvation rested on it. 155 more words

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