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Colliding Treats

Recently I spent a contented day walking a stretch of the North Downs Way in Kent. This 156 mile walk runs from Farnham to Dover and I’ve been doing it in stages for the past couple of years, sometimes with friends or family, but often on my own. 674 more words

Age-activated Attention Deficit Disorder

5 ways of conquering your stage fright! (For speech events)

Stage fright is one of the worst nightmares that all introverts would have to face! I can easily say that it is one of the most irrational yet common fears which every newbie will encounter. 1,264 more words

Being nervous

Hey! It’s been a while…

Let me tell you that deep within my heart, that I hate being nervous or having stage fright, then again, who likes it anyway? 387 more words


Stage Staggered

Declaiming, reciting, verbalizing…

When speaking in front of even the smallest of all crowds comes into the picture, the immediate feeling of stage fright freezes me in utter shock. 459 more words


Enjoy Public-speaking For Real!

How long have you been allowing stage fright get in the way of your career?  You can get over it in one session.  Enjoy becoming a confident, engaging, dynamic speaker!  110 more words

Bent Out Of Shape

I spent the entire 20 minute bus ride out to my first wedding in a state of panic. Poring over the script, I mumbled the words over and over, drawing more looks than usual from the other passengers.( foreigners are still gawked at in many areas of Japan ) But I didn’t care, because as usual l had procrastinated until it was too late. 591 more words

J'y suis, j'y reste, je judge

I went to a poetry recitation competition at a school yesterday, to preside as one of the judges. It is an entirely separate matter that I judge people for free, all the time. 1,110 more words