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How to Overcome Stage Fright/Public Speaking

Overcoming straight fright is now easy. This is why it is always important to show a lot of love to those get up a perform in front of the large crowds forming all across America and beyond! 672 more words

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How Do You Make Your Audience Feel?

I get a lot of requests to help people feel more confident speaking in front of an audience. We work together on everything from preparation to content and nonverbals (body language). 543 more words

Business Communication

A Sticky Sickly Journey With Music

Music is the most resonant part of my heart, and is easily the most cancerous. It gnaws, feeds off and spreads decadence throughout my poorly designed system. 464 more words


The Worst That Can Happen

Kid: “I’m really glad you’re coming to the band concert tonight because I am REALLY nervous.”

Me: “Aw, there’s nothing to worry about. Really, what’s the WORST that can happen?” 54 more words


How to cope with stage fright

Like a lot of people, I have stage fright. So for me it takes a whole lot of courage to go out on stage even if I have to say a really small line. 151 more words

Conquering Procrastination

The procrastinating part of us is when the child, the monkey-mind part of us, is in charge. When we allow this part of us to rule, we never really get anything done. 1,646 more words


Sunday, June 14, 2015, Why Don't You Get Up Again?

My sermon today at church is on failure. The topic: Why don’t You Get Up Again?

I’ve always got this weird tension. It’s a irony. Don’t touch it! 142 more words