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The Disaster that was Debate

Why Take Debate?

Let me get something straight from the start. I did not choose to take a college debate class. Besides something like a music class, the last class I would take would be a class where you not only have to talk in front of people, but also have to argue against them for a grade. 1,002 more words


Sometimes you don't know, even when you do

His lungs were still filled with air, but his mind blanked.

The piano stopped. “What happened?”

He cleared his throat. “I… nothing.” He had forgotten the words. 74 more words


Lesson Plan: Lying Narration in Cinema and Videogames

Ian here—

In my 2013 “Comparative Media Poetics: Cinema and Videogames” course, I devoted a week to the genres of mystery and suspense. In this first class of this week, we discussed theory. 3,027 more words

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Conquering the Stage

(Feature picture courtesy of Hotel de France)

By Isabella Panse (’18)

For many people, performing on a stage is a nightmare. Just the mere mention of being in front of a crowd causes hearts to race, palms to sweat, and hands to quiver. 746 more words


Oopty + Oocty - You know my twin Pooty is really stage Fright atm!

You know my twin Pooty from Enmore does the survey a secret code word for the name Call Oopty Cipherhouse who is headlining so it is PC not CP so listing as a couple is as Oopty + Oocty not Oocty + Oopty and you don’t unless your famile call us by our firstname Call.. 68 more words

2nd 22nd Century

"It wasn't on"

I’ve always struggled to explain the feeling, but I’ll give it my best shot.

It came as a result of embarrassment and shame, and I honestly never expected to get it. 1,414 more words


Stage Fright- Believe

It’s just one of those unexplained moment you literally trip yourself with the many what if and what not and I should have thoughts. The unprepared thoughts that won’t add anything to what you’re just about to embark on your stage. 452 more words