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In the club I was a part of in college, I was a speaker. Which meant that I had to speak into a mic, on a stage, in front of an audience. 635 more words

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Preparation tips for your first debate

Preparing for your first debate

If you have never debated before, you are in a very bittersweet position. On one hand, the first debate is an irreplaceable experience that you will likely never forget, and this notion is exciting. 223 more words



I once read that the terror of stage fright doesn’t go away with practice. You just get very comfortable with being terrified. Butterflies, sweaty palms, all of it. 108 more words


Nothing Makes Me Uncomfortable Like A Large Group Of People Having Fun Together

For the most part I really enjoy watching that show Glee. Of course the music is very well done, the characters are all likable or funny and often both, and aside from… 184 more words


How to nail your first pole performance

Well here it is. After weeks, maybe even months of practice the night of your first public pole performance has arrived! You have worked your arse to the bone, you know your routine inside out and backwards, mentally rehearse it every time you hear the bloody song (which you’re probably fucking sick of right now) and have even dreamt of your routine. 640 more words

Where Did My Brain Go?

I’ve done some incredibly nerve-wrecking things and have had some pretty nerve induced moments in my life, but the nervousness I went through last week was insurmountable. 529 more words

The Perils of Perfectionism

You know how they say no one is perfect? I’ve heard that expression over and over again, and yet it never quite sinks in. When I listen to a song I love, I can’t help but think that this is something humans created and it is, as far as I can tell, perfect. 425 more words