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I have always had confidence, and the thought of having stage fright never really occurred to me. So when I experienced stage fright a few times, it came as a complete shock. 549 more words

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Former TODAY Show Anchor Still Gets Nervous

It’s typical…you’re going out to speak in front of a crowd or even make a toast at a family dinner and here come the hand shakes…the perspiration…maybe even a dry mouth, and as you draw your attention to it, it gets worse! 146 more words

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Such a wonderful interview with Jane. We all need to sharpen our communication skills and Jane shows us the way.

Between a rock-paper-scissors and a hard place: on writing, performance anxiety, and winning!

We writers can get pretty weird about our work. Depressed. Anxious. Neurotic. Self-obsessed. Hysterical, even.

If writers had enough money for therapy, the mental health field would be booming. 778 more words


Stage Fright Vignettes: In Which I Am A Mess

We start recording tonight. The Kickstarter was successful beyond our imaginings, we’ve rehearsed and prepped and planned, and in about an hour and a half we’ll get started. 542 more words

NOT Messing Shit Up

Our TEDxNYU Journey: Behind the Scenes & Step by Step Guide to Preparing for a TEDx Talk

This blog post will outline how my partner (Lea Roth) and I (Nastassja Schmiedt) prepared to give our talk “The Millennial Mindset Can Save the World” at… 2,360 more words

Exactly How Important It Is To Practise A Speech?

When celebrity comedian Jerry Seinfeld finally got his first chance at the big time – a six-minute spot on The Tonight Show, he practised those six minutes of spotlight for six months. 539 more words

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A tad too demonstrative and open at times

In many of the posts I write, I try to acknowledge that some characteristics of people with bipolar disorder (or other mental illnesses) are not totally absent in those without such diagnoses. 971 more words

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