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Practice makes

So I spent a large portion of today at a full rehearsal for our show on Saturday. It went pretty well, I think the show is going to be awesome. 280 more words

Roll On Rehearsal

“Let’s just do a quick rehearsal without the pressure of the camera.” I say, after turning off the bright red tally light and pressing the record button.  423 more words


Progress Report: 'The Silver Trumpet'

Well, I’ve hand-written four chapters of my new book and today begun to type them. I send them to my editor in bunches as the book comes along, three or four at a time. 164 more words

A Personal Note

The Violin and I

From my “short” (it was half my life- 11 years) but extensive “career” as a performer, I learned that my stage fright was completely unpredictable. In tiny concert halls or large auditoriums, it would shake me at the most unexpected moments, but when I most expected it, it wasn’t there. 534 more words

SHYcon: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered... Ella Fitzgerald

Despite her shyness, the mistress of jazz always dazzled on stage.

Born in 1917, Fitzgerald received her first formal musical education singing in church choirs. Her mother died when she was 15, which threw her life into chaos. 564 more words

Social Anxiety

Stage Fright (2014): Summer

It’s an original musical slasher starring Meat Loaf. I don’t think I really need to continue to sell this, but I will. This movie takes place at a musical theater summer camp. 97 more words


Video: Managing your fear

Do you suffer from stage fright? Or does the fear of the unknown leave you feeling paralysed? Learn how to control the manifestations of fear and anxiety to become a more confident speaker. 21 more words