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This last Sunday, I invited some neighbors over for a concert. I was so nervous. My neighbors were so kind. They encouraged me to breathe and relax. 332 more words


Short Story: "Stage Fright" By C. A. Brown

With a soul-shuddering screech, the guitars kicked in. Not even pausing to draw breath, Skull almost crushed the mic in his hand and let rip: ‘ 1,066 more words


Performance Anxiety: The Inquisition

One of the most unsettling, but valuable, discoveries you will make on stage is that you will suddenly start asking yourself questions that you never… 327 more words


Performance Anxiety: The Power of Positive Thinking

Welcome to a lesson in how to exploit our practical knowledge of working memory in order to help tame the stage fright beast. 243 more words


Performance Anxiety: The Problem with Don't

The most absolutely worthless and destructive advice regarding anything unpleasant or undesirable is this: “Try not to think about it.” 80 more words


Performance Anxiety: Stream of Consciousness

To a larger extent than we care to admit, we do not have direct control over our thoughts. One thought triggers the next thought, which triggers the next, and so on and so on.  213 more words