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The Great Whatever

In John Green’s Looking for Alaska, the main character makes the decision to change schools out of the pursuit of a “Great Perhaps”, inspired by the last words of poet Francois Rabelais. 542 more words

Being Twenty-Something

Stage Fright

I recently auditioned several singers for a cantor position at my church and most of the singers either admitted to being nervous or displayed attributes of nervousness.   1,243 more words

Stage Fright (2014, dir. Jerome Sable)

It seems almost apt that the man who declared ‘hot patootie bless my soul, really like that rock and roll’ would wind up playing the director of a musical summer camp for kids. 421 more words


First Night Nerves And Picking Your Advice

Here’s some useful advice I got before my first stand-up gig.

I was really nervous the day before.

I had tried some of my lines out on actual people. 311 more words

Girl Talk, Stage Fright, and Bigger Dreams.

When I first began dreaming up this blog, I dreamt big. Tons of followers, a book offer or two, a movie pitch maybe, or, my biggest dream, someone would be introduced to Jesus here. 1,039 more words

Donald Miller

So you want to be an actress . . . or, moving beyond performance

When I was a little girl piano recitals terrified me.  They made me want to throw up.  All the Chopin and Mozart that my 8-year-old brain had memorized would completely disappear on performance day. 317 more words

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