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It’s finally the first of December. For whatever reason, it felt like November dragged on too long. With just a tiny bit left of the year, it feels like it’s pretty much over. 281 more words


Poem: Stage fright

He gripped the cold steel of his telecaster, boots worn and scuffed to the seams

Before him stood a sea of arms, of ears, of eyes and of screams… 68 more words


4 Tips for Public Speaking, the Absolute Nightmare

If you are an introvert like me, you must have encountered the horrid occasions of having to speak publicly a few times. Presentations in class are, and have always been, my nightmares. 563 more words


I still have some time to change my mind ...

Today I am going to do something that I have only dreamed about or it has been part of a hideous nightmare depending on the mood. 278 more words

Things That I Do!

Speaking and Writing

The backs of my knees felt sweaty. My stomach heaved. I caught my breath in quick, short hiccups, even though I tried to slow it down. 677 more words


stage fright

have you ever been afraid of public speaking or preforming in front of other people? Metoo. Check out this article about stage fright and ways of controlling it. 942 more words

Social Me (3)

One of the more common advices I’ve come across for people with stage fright or social anxiety is the one where they tell you to imagine your audience naked. 371 more words