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The Courage To Do Something

So a few days ago was a debate, which I was a part of, and to be honest, I was absolutely terrified. That’s right. No more hiding it from anyone anymore. 389 more words

The Stories

The Panda's Reporting Journey Part 2

Damn damn damn daaaaaaammn.



Okay. So last Friday, August 11, 2017, I reported in my Hydrology class. If you have read my first blog about this reporting shit then maybe you have already figured out why the fuck I am saying damn. 1,220 more words


Stage Fright

My right leg is shaking,

Shaking as though it is the epicentre of my nervousness

Eyes don’t know where to look,

Palms don’t know how much to leak… 250 more words

Stage Fright

The spotlight is too bright for me,
but I was never meant to sit in the shadows;
I need to search for the light that is right for me… 11 more words

My Stage Fright

You know that feeling before you go on the stage. Your heart is beating a million miles an hour. Your palms are sweaty. All your lines are getting jumbled up in your head and you feel as though you can’t go on? 366 more words

Sunday July 30, 2017

I’ve talked myself back to a place where I’m co-producing my ideology in dialogic exchange with my surroundings. I’m still absorbing and responding to reality, but buttressed against its impositions in a way that leaves me proud and alive. 489 more words

Effective Public Speaking

Public Shyness, in relation to speaking or acting in public which is sometimes regarded as stage fright, has nothing to do with the personality, intelligence, height, size, age, beauty or whatever unique trait a person possesses. 749 more words