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Welcome to my new body part...

Back in 2011, I said goodbye to my breasts. They were replaced with silicon version of the same thing. But the swap still felt like a loss. 165 more words

Breast Cancer

Afraid to be sick / afraid to not be sick

I don’t like being sick. Not a fan of hospitals. While grateful for the love of support of people around me, I don’t like the kind of attention that comes with illness. 156 more words

Breast Cancer

Stage IV cancer sufferer Debbie Osarere raises over $31k in just 4 days for treatment

Just a few days ago we told you that Osarere Debbie ‘s cancer has spread and she urgently needed treatment to fight for her survival. 78 more words


Driving myself into gratitude

One of the most important things during all of this (and probably life in general) is finding gratitude. It’s been the only way I can reframe and shift the focus from feeling lousy and helpless. 148 more words

Breast Cancer

I don't want to write about Cancer

I don’t want to write about Cancer. I’m afraid to over identify with it.

This is why it’s been 6 months since my last entry. Within the last 6 months, a lot has happened health wise. 246 more words

Breast Cancer


Somewhat of a new normal had set in. Dan was slowly acclimating to the daily oral chemo and its side effects. With the bleak prognosis, Dan had two things heavy on his mind: The church he was pastoring and the house he, Heather and the girls were living in. 696 more words


To kid or not to kid...

Do I want kids? That’s always been the question…

For a while I really wanted them. Being pregnant looked like a vacation (funny thinking of that now because I’m sure it’s not) and the idea of passing down family traditions appealed to me. 284 more words

Breast Cancer