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Adventure Awaits: The Diagnosis

The doctor called just as I was weighing whether to go for a run or continue to work through lunch.  I was at my desk in my firm’s “open office”–the kind with no cubicles or dividers.  1,740 more words

Everyone gets their wings

I don’t generally get sentimental about death. When someone dies, I see it as their last stop on the train in whatever body they arrived in. 546 more words

Breast Cancer

In the midst of the storm

I stand in the middle of a storm. Winds are blowing all around me.  There are trees and debris flying everywhere.  I have no protection from the stabs and jabs these items cause.  877 more words

The Path

Cancer patient translator for the sh*t you say

There are a lot of articles about what not to say to cancer patients. For the most part I’ve heard everything I’ve come across. There are good explanations as to why not to say these things, and below is my hand at telling everyone what I actually hear when certain remarks are made. 764 more words

Breast Cancer