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The Lady and the Trump

Before you read this blog know this. I’ve thought long and hard about whether I should write it. I asked myself this question. “Would you write this blog if a Democrat was President?” My answer was, “Yes, this is not right and should be exposed.”  820 more words


Follow the Light 

Have I gone on too long?

I wanted to follow Wednesday’s post about the 90-4-Whatever Rule with a second post about time. It was a lesson I had to learn on the job and it was a hard one to learn: Finish When You Are Supposed To. 1,203 more words


Garden Design

Garden Design: 

Areas worked in: 

I dug out the saw grass, planted aloe, saw grass, mother tongues, filled the wire spirals with rocks, and worked on the ceramic labels. 535 more words


Self Scoring - Reflection

Hi! Here’s how I think I did in the following standards..

1 Creative Cycle end in mind – (A)

Throughout our gardening time, I made sure to pay attention whenever we were given instructions, and tried to follow them as best as I can. 194 more words


Take a Bow! How, When and Why...

Advice for New Performers

As the pianist releases the final notes of the piece, the audience bursts into enthusiastic applause. The player stands and takes a bow… 901 more words

Pathways For Teaching

Garden Design - Summative

Hello! This is my Garden Design summative blog post. Check it out =)

Idea Drawing

Scale Drawing Template

Scale Drawing with features and color

This summative is re-assessing our ability to make scale drawings, this time however, is for a larger area. 751 more words


Hippie Van

1) What learning did you bring to this project?  How/where can I see this?

  • The learning that I brought to this project would be outlining objects with real measurements that we would actually use to build the real thing for the production.
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