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Blank Canvas: Step One

I just started a new job as a lighting designer for an established church. My first task is to evaluate the current lighting setup/style and see where improvements can be made. 289 more words


The Value of Expectations

One of the most overlooked steps of working on a team is establishing the expectations for each person. When it comes to volunteering for a church project, there is a varying level of expertise amongst the members of the team. 188 more words


Costume Practicum: Entry for 1/26

hello i am here again on a whirlwind costume adventure for spring of 2016. welcome to my dojo.

in case you are not already acquainted with this blog, this is a platform where i will send weekly reports of my experiences with costuming practicum in Jewell Theatre Company. 742 more words

Building a Better FOH Mix

Hey everyone! So I thought I’d give you a bit of a followup on my previous blog Sound Engineering Tips for Church. This time, let’s talk a bit more about the technical side of things! 236 more words


How Manuals Make Things Better

Happy New Year! I’m excited to bring the first post of the year for 2016 and today I want to share a really useful piece of information that applies to pretty much any area of production. 336 more words


How Damage Control Became my New Normal

So last I posted, I waxed optimistic about how the damage control phase of my life might be over, and I might be able to actually make forward progress with my life in general and creative projects in particular. 496 more words

Non Trekker Thoughts on Deep Space Nine

Like a lot of my fellow nerds, I have my opinions on Star Trek and Star Wars, and I can make my case for why I like one more than the other. 5,197 more words

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