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Speak ‘with’ your audience, not ‘to’ them

When I first started speaking in public, I would stand up, spout out my speech quickly and sit down. The audience would politely clap, and then quickly forget anything that I had said. 533 more words

Public Speaking

A day with Sue Perkins

I went to buy something to read for a coffee break – only to find today’s newspapers were so expensive (and seemed determined to list the gorey details of human atrocities or wring their hands over the state of the world) – and magazines were expensive and full of adverts…. 584 more words


What social media taught me about being a better public speaker

Many people today dismiss social media as a fad. They say that it doesn’t have the same impact as real, face-to-face communication.

I understand why they might say this, but… 858 more words

Public Speaking

The Lady and the Trump

Before you read this blog know this. I’ve thought long and hard about whether I should write it. I asked myself this question. “Would you write this blog if a Democrat was President?” My answer was, “Yes, this is not right and should be exposed.”  820 more words


Follow the Light 

Have I gone on too long?

I wanted to follow Wednesday’s post about the 90-4-Whatever Rule with a second post about time. It was a lesson I had to learn on the job and it was a hard one to learn: Finish When You Are Supposed To. 1,203 more words


Garden Design

Garden Design: 

Areas worked in: 

I dug out the saw grass, planted aloe, saw grass, mother tongues, filled the wire spirals with rocks, and worked on the ceramic labels. 535 more words


Self Scoring - Reflection

Hi! Here’s how I think I did in the following standards..

1 Creative Cycle end in mind – (A)

Throughout our gardening time, I made sure to pay attention whenever we were given instructions, and tried to follow them as best as I can. 194 more words