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Through his innovative stage machines, architect Nicola Sabbatini summoned lightning, fire, hell, storms, gods, and clouds to the sets of 17th-century Venetian operas. The effect could be spectacular — characters braved moving waves, flew through the air, and descended into the underworld. 148 more words


The Rise of ‘You Guys’

For the past year as I have been speaking at events, I have noticed a new trend emerging. Like a lot of public speaking behaviors, this one seems to be learned from observing others doing it. 450 more words

Public Speaking

Final Thoughts from this Semester

This semester I enjoyed learning about lighting and sound equipment because I wanted to get a more in-depth knowledge of those aspects of theatre. I also enjoyed learning about each tool though I already had some experience with everything from work-study. 48 more words



For the first time ever, I wasn’t nervous for a gig. How do you get over performance anxiety? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this video. Enjoy!


Sound Technology

Sound in theatre is used in many different ways:

    Mics for actors
    Sound effects in the show (glass breaking etc.)

Stagecraft in Fiction & Memoir

Immersed in writing a fourth novel, I’m thinking about the overlap between live theater and the narrative forms of fiction and memoir. Theater has the advantage of the visual set, no need for description of the place or the characters.There they are, well lighted, voices projected to the upper gallery, free to move in meaningful ways. 385 more words


Today we learned different types of stitches and practiced each one. The instructions we were given to work with in class are below.