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#01 Amateur Photographers 

Going to the theatre is a beautiful experience that people both young and old can enjoy. Theatre breaks down barriers and speaks across generations. Now picture this: you’ve been looking forward to this for months. 944 more words


My Current Top 5 Musicals! - Nathan

Hi! Welcome to The Thespians! As a welcome to our new blog, we thought we’d count down our current top ten musicals. So here we go- (Not in any particular order) 295 more words

#StageyandProud: Tunes to Rock Out to - PART 2!

We’re back in the game baby, and this time we’re going hardcore. I’m going for MT antithesis in this post. The Kinks Vs. Roald Dahl. A Fight to the stagey death (or not… not really.) 1,110 more words

Thoughts, Feels And Adventures

#StageyandProud: Tunes to Rock Out to.

Who doesn’t like to pretend they’re a rock star? Who doesn’t belt out the tunes when they’re hoovering or in the shower? Who doesn’t like to pretend the music blaring through their headphones is the soundtrack to their life as they go about their daily business, or listen to show tunes and get far too emotionally into character during the course of their huge solo? 1,042 more words

Thoughts, Feels And Adventures

Conversations That Dancers Are Bored Of Having (Part 2!)

Some of you may have stumbled across my original post a while ago (for those of you that haven’t, check it out here!) and I thought it was high time I furthered the list of convos that we are oh so tired of enduring; and those bloody awful questions we are fed up of answering. 635 more words


What to see next....

There would appear to be a growing list of things to see soon or book ahead for. It’s a bit aspirational as I’ve no idea where to find the time for this lot or indeed the funds! 102 more words


The "star of the show".

I needed a place to collate my thoughts on the ‘every day man’s’ sense of entitlement to seeing the “star of the show”, so, here goes. 490 more words