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Book Report - Average is Over / Tyler Cowan

As promised, here is the book report I wrote recently on the Tyler Cowan book I reviewed for my Comparative Economic Systems class. It was a great book, it didn’t provide the insight my lecturer & I had hoped but it was still a fascinating read. 805 more words


A dangerous trick by the two Marios

The following has been in the back of my mind during what now appears to be the whole of last year. In April 2014 Mario Monti gave an interview to Marc Peeperkorn in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, p10-13, … 592 more words

Economic Crisis

This year, cash-strapped Russians will spend half their money on food alone

A collapsing currency, shrinking economy, and rampant inflation make a bitter combination for ordinary Russians. What makes it even more unpalatable is what’s happening at the grocery store… 279 more words

G-20 meeting where the G doesn't stand for growth

As G-20 Finance Ministers meet in  Turkey this week to coordinate a response to deflation and stagflation across the globe, many are looking at the US with a leery eye. 194 more words


Im-Politic: Elizabeth Drew Remains the Consummate Insiders' Champion

You don’t have to be thrilled with Tea Party Republicans to recognize that Elizabeth Drew’s genteelly sneering new article on the faction and its role in American politics these days superbly illustrates many of the biggest problems of the nation’s public life and especially of the Mainstream Media that cover it. 1,144 more words


Russia can't figure out how to fix its ailing economy

The ruble has been sliding and inflation is running in the double digits. If Russia’s central bank was going to do anything at its regularly scheduled meeting today, analysts figured it might consider hiking interest rates further. 388 more words