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April Recap: Narrative Changes

Stocks rose a fraction of a percent, gold fell 1%, and the bond index fell 1% in April, continuing the very choppy sideways price movement we’ve experienced this year.    586 more words

Income Strategies

The British Academic Strike is a Crucial Struggle that Must Be Won: Part III, Union Strength

The University and College Union (UCU)–Britain’s trade union for academics–has gone on strike. The strike is about the University Superannuation Scheme (USS)’s decision to switch academics from “defined benefit” pension plans to “defined contribution” plans. 1,201 more words


Three Books on Marxist Political Economy (Pt 15)

Reader Manuel Angeles commented: “In Cambridge (UK) in the 1970s, a whole slew of them rejected marginalist theory. Joan Robinson, in fact, frequently ridiculed it, in spite of Keynes´s chapter in the General Theory.” 276 more words


Rational expectations

In the early 1970’s, the US was experiencing slower growth and rising unemployment. The oil shock of 1973 as well as an accommodative monetary policy contributed to rising inflation, at 9% in 1973, then 12% in 1974. 1,219 more words

A FORESEEN CRISIS: The Unforeseen Safaricom Story.

In an environment where people have, month in and month out screamed for transparency, crisis communication should be considered extremely pertinent. Should your brand or organization lack a crisis department up-to-par with the current psychological way of thinking; within your public relations department, then the remaining days of 2017 should have you considering to either outsource a consultant or invest in an in-house attaché because come 2018, your brand and entity should be able to grasp onto this salvageable politically screwed social-economic crisis by its horns least your company will go into further recession. 809 more words

Trend Review


Is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services in a county, and is measured as an annual percentage change. 434 more words

Term Of The Day

Equities are seeing a summer stock surge

I want to explain the markets in really simple language, since there are some very basic problems in the largest securities market in the world and the projections associated with what is going on. 264 more words