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Paint me a picture:
Subject: Typewriter
Frame: tea, Prudence, Clumsiness, and Stagnation
Canvas: red (#fb8072)

Daily Deal

Earmarks (the reason Congress has continued to fail to function)

It is no coincidence that when earmarks were done away with Congress ceased to function as legislative body in any way.

Earmarks were the poker chips that allowed negotiations.   137 more words

Moving through life transitions with strength and clarity

Just yesterday, a friend of mine told me that she is feeling uneasy.  She needed to leave her job, not because she was bored, and not exactly because she felt incompetent, though maybe that feeling was creeping up around the edges.  1,399 more words

Letters On Aging


A stagnation in creation leads away from elation, it’s an interesting correlation which doesn’t need much persuasion. Do away with your old vibration.

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to move,

more comfortable
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Hands In The Garden

Dinner Parties of the Apes

Thing is though
few things
can distance you
from everything familiar
quite like
exactly where you are.


Cholera and Mosquitoes: When cons Stagnate

A few weekends ago there was a local convention that was once one of the highlights of my year. It’s where I met some long-term friends, and has a masquerade that rivalled some of the much larger events in quality. 1,816 more words

Canadian Cosplay