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Deal 701 Preview

Actor: The Unknown
North: Limited, Birdcage
East: Stagnation, Afterlife
South: Wisdom, axe
West: Love, Traitor

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Deal 697: Before Pandora

The box was a scary place. After all, it was filled with every possible trouble and worry for all of Humanity, and it wasn’t all that large. 328 more words

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Deal 697 Preview

Actor: Hope
North: Stagnation, Fish
East: darkness, Puppet
South: Poison, Peace
West: Certainty, teddy bear

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Deal 694: Howard

I don’t always understand how others see me. They seem to see the storm, where I see the calm before and after. They see the trunk or ears, and I see the footprints of the elephant. 281 more words

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Don't Give UP!

Ever feel inspired & discouraged at the same time??? Idk if discouraged is the right word but it’s the first to come to mind.

Inspired- I’m surrounded by go getters, entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, people living their dreams, creating their own lanes, & chasing their destiny. 257 more words

Deal 694 Preview

Actor: Humility
North: Stagnation, Against all odds
East: sock, Bomb
South: Love, butter knife
West: Reconciliation, Support

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What the Cup? Massage Cupping at Body Poets

By: Andrew King
Andrew is a registered massage therapist at Body Poets who wants you to know what all the fuss is about cupping!

What is Cupping Therapy? 1,465 more words