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About being still in life

Stagnation is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. It`s the moment when you lose all that hard-earned momentum and trade it for a five-star stay in the limbo of  your comfort zone.

Quotes & Poems

small fry

seems like ages now
been bent over this hot stove

order up!

the menu hasn’t changed
since who knows when
so i guess it’s a lot like me… 41 more words


Like the Rivers

Langston Hughes: “I’ve known rivers:/I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the/flow of human blood in human veins…”

…My Soul longs to weep/like the rivers… 143 more words

Daily Prompt

One reason the gender pay gap is shrinking? Men’s wages are falling

The gender pay gap in the US is an ugly reality.

For every dollar men make, women make 83 cents, and progress toward closing it has largely stalled in recent years. 319 more words


Above is an illustration for a poem I wrote called Stagnation. The artist who created this beauty did so most generously and I feel that this is a gift. 64 more words



A different take on the popular time-travel theme, Midwinterblood offers a fantasy-infused ‘meta-epic’ following characters connected temporally together through contemporary and historical contexts positioned within a shared landscape. 1,401 more words


Moving Forward Monday

Right now, you might be still struggling to accept the reality that it is another Monday.

You are either trying to push your way out of bed to get your day started OR you have already begun your work day routine, sipping on your coffee for energy and looking around your office for… 529 more words