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The Ghost Named Stagnation

An old ghost had returned to him, he could not see it but he knew it was there. He could feel it following, observe his every move and thought. 204 more words



Moan moan moan moan
fart smoke eat groan
moan sleep smoke moan
groan moan moan

Stress fart sleep moan
worry work eat groan
smoke groan moan moan… 16 more words


Sightlessly Hopeful

Smoking Utopia
Numbly draining
unstraight thinkingness –
Self-image confusory.
Temporal aching for focus.
What if one’s already on the greenest side of the fence? 100 more words


Un Employ ED.

More like unused,

seen as a pawn,

in your Chess game,


unchanging mass of particulates,

un – deployed,


passive aggressed,

like Plymouth Rock, 54 more words

Derrière Mastication

Dear Sir,
I am a man –
though I may dress like a girl
and smell like a pig
a man is what I am. 104 more words


Questions of oral tormentors

One by one you break me down
Call my bluff wreak havoc around
Dish my dirt
Break my heart
Calamitous felon
Where have I left, to start? 68 more words


Creative Happiness

I seem to only be truly happy when I am actively engaged in the process of creating something. Creativity gives my life focus and clarity, a goal around which I can organize my otherwise chaotic and sometimes self-destructive thoughts. 228 more words

Emotional Health