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You can see DOOM from here

This picture comes from: https://growthecon.com/blog/Decomposition/, and it is a sad story of a whimper, not a bang. It’s doubly sad when you consider we had a bang as well, in 2007. 88 more words

Inspired By True Events

I waited a long time
to become a failure.
It took longer than I expected.
Was it worth the wait?
Frankly, no.
It was all in the anticipation. 11 more words

Inertia Variations


Curled and quiet
She lay on her side
Watching the yellow wallpaper age
Wondering if the shadows
Playing there
Were only shifting light

Too tired to lift her arms… 85 more words

Julie Ayers

These Silly Little Things That We've Invented

Money. Politics. Drama. Ego. Self-Importance. Popular Culture. Schedules. Work. More things that I cannot think of at this moment. Doesn’t it feel like that we’ve totally fucked up this whole “being a human being” thing? 352 more words


Passion Over Perfection

It doesn’t have to be perfect to start.

When you come from a place of passion, the only thing that matters is to ask yourself, “What is the next best step?” 70 more words

Who’s Afraid of Socialism? - New Matilda

With young people now ready as ever to align with an ideology once stigmatised, and the GOP now having nowhere to go in the face of rapidly growing anti-establishment sentiment, what’s the next step for the political establishment? 25 more words


Why We Need to Listen to Markiplier's "Youtube Has Changed" Discussion

This past Monday Youtuber Mark Fischbach (aka Markiplier) posted a near 13 minute video where he discussed his insights into the recent environment Youtube has created. 549 more words

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