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Ask Yourself These Two Questions About America's Economic Future

Today’s news environment has ADD. That’s why business leaders must occasionally disconnect from the tweet-powered media whirlwind and think hard about factors that do not make good SNL sketch material but that will deeply influence our future. 468 more words


The devil is in the details

I have been letting myself slip into a worse state of mental health as my husband and I have been trying to move forward. The ever churning thoughts of worry and anxiety well up inside my mind and I am stuck frozen in an insurmountable moment of time. 533 more words


trying to dig myself out 

I’ve been on a slump lately,and not just cause I’ve been sick. So. I’m taking steps against it.

I went for a run on sunday. It has been a while. 689 more words

Reflections About Life

The Only Idiot In The Village

Why am I the only mug who seems to try and do the right thing?

I took down the prints from my Etsy site that were under question. 206 more words



In just about any municipality, nation, or organized community, there is a hierarchy of governance that individuals accept as their leadership. Unfortunately, such structures of organization have caused more problems than solutions. 325 more words

The Radical Princeton (& Friends) Club of Chicago

On the train home from an event at the Museum of Contemporary Art entitled “Self-Care as Warfare” I opened an email from the Princeton Club of Chicago entitled “Salute to Patriotism” inviting me to the 129th annual Washington’s Birthday gala with an alum/general as the keynote speaker. 483 more words

The Hobo Files

Why I Started Admitting I Was Wrong

Dale Carnegie said in How to Win Friends and Influence People, that if any of us were right more than half the time, we’d be making a killing on Wall Street. 526 more words