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चांद और सितारे - इकबाल - The Moon and The Stars

चांद और सितारे

डरते-डरते दमे-सहर से
तारे कह्ने लगे क़मर से

नज़ारे रहे वही फ़लक पर
हम थक भी गये चमक-चमक कर

काम अपना है सुबह-ओ-शाम चलना 128 more words


"Don't Ever Change" is Terrible Advice

A few days ago, a song caught my attention.

It wasn’t particularly special, and not even particularly good. It’s one of those songs that simply fills the airspace without provoking much reaction at all. 739 more words

Lessons Learned


How is it slightly shocking
when the jokers cease their mocking?
When our silent door’s been knocked in?
When this time spent out is slept in? 57 more words


Grey Air

Clouds announce their entrance
as they camouflage the sun.
Though I know that they are many,
their appearance is as one…

A coldly breeze envelopes me… 19 more words


Cleaning Out the Attic XIV

(Just one more now. Here’s another untitled piece on how growth is very important in your walk with God. You should be increasing in your relationship with Him, not withering away.) 613 more words


When I travel it feels like my life is picking up speed again. At last, my LIFE is moving

When I travel it feels like my life is picking up speed again. At last, my LIFE is moving. Only when the train or plane starts accelerating away do I feel my life is moving again, and no longer stagnating. 72 more words

UK factories in 'near stagnation' after output growth decline

UK factories entered 2016 in a “state of near stagnation” following a decline in output growth and new orders during December.

Firms blamed the weaker than expected growth on falling demand for consumer goods and machine tools, which have experienced a long slowdown in growth since a peak in 2014 apart from a recovery in the summer. 452 more words