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Deal 1066: Super Tanka

Caught, like a fly in
amber, his transformation
remained incomplete.
The truth revealed: Superman
was with Lois all along.

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Change and Growth

We fear change and we want to avoid it at any cost. But change is the only possible way to grow. There is no other way we can discover our true capabilities if we don’t put ourselves in challenging situations. 203 more words

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Deal 1066 Preview

Cards in the Balance:
Base: Stagnation — Transformation
Actor: Untruths Limited

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What I fear about stagnation

The first scene to all of my nightmares begins with stagnation. It begins with exhilaration then with a cease of run or flow, I find myself unable to move. 209 more words


To sleep, perchance to dream

Day 9 is Growth

I am not in a six figure job, this much should be made clear. I make enough with my husband to be comfortable, to be cautious with our spending but not in danger of needing assistance. 421 more words

the clouds of unknowing

There are a lot of things that I would like to do in my life.

All through my life, there have been clouds looming overhead. Those clouds would speak to me in their thunderous voices. 773 more words

Greenbacks are Money to Me

Greenbacks, greenbacks, greenbacks are money to me, to me! Greenbacks, greenbacks, greenbacks are money to me.

Back in days of Marco Polo Europeans dealt in silver and gold. 394 more words