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The Shadow Crawlers (Misery Loves Insanity)

I know this one guy who has lost a family member to a violent crime. He is grieving, and it’s not easy for him. He has a tendency to isolate though. 1,159 more words


Where are the jobs in technology?

Where are the jobs? Not in technology. Not in manufacturing despite hopes that the declining Canadian dollar would stimulate growth. While the economy continues to grow, unemployment remains stubbornly high. 479 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

There’s always a hundred foot wall staring into your eyes.

If you aren’t seeing it now,

thank stagnation.

Get up and take a walk on the wild side? 135 more words


Like a Full Bladder

Bear the stigmata of stagnant matter
Like a sore and overly full bladder
As you run to the place of forgetting,
The river Lethe of pants wetting.


An intermission of self-explanatory torment

The fight continues; not as some gross close-up of flailing limbs, but as the calm and steady distanced cloud in an almost clear sky. The vague sounds of battle and carnage filter out into the background as our eyes focus on the speed of occurrences. 1,259 more words

on patience and potential

Said the lover to the beloved, who was consumed by fear of stagnating, of not fulfilling her potential, of wasting her precious time in life: 142 more words



I’m waiting.

I’ve been waiting for several days now. I’m trapped in a limbo between projects, between work, between… things.

I don’t have enough time to sit down and read a book or watch a film and yet I have too much time on my hands.  92 more words