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Deal 961: No swamp, no singing

Swamp drained, river tamed
cleared for progress yet wary
of future promised

Progress will happen.

Today the swamp was drained. Soon, earlier versions of Swamp Castle will see the light since they original burned, fell over, and sank.

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Daily Deal
we weave
like serpents buried in sand
hot with hiding from
unyielding sun

a snarl of tumbleweed rolls
through swathes of sand
looking for something
out there in the

the reeds in
a scum filled pond
reach for heaven
with roots already drowned

and finally 
pendulous night falls,
pulling lethargy from
coal mine budgerigar  
who remembers 
too late what
her life is for.

Deal 958: Whoosh

I was the eye of the storm. Then the storm passed.

Now I am the eye of the ghost of the storm, a passing breeze, a small eddy. 51 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 958 Preview

Veiled Secrets:
On a puddle of orange (#fdb462) are thrown
Stagnation, Eye, Afterlife, Peace, Fate, fowl, and Wisdom

Daily Deal

The Foul Silence

Stagnation of process.

The point in the creative game where all your literary ducks are in a row but no bloody duck is bothering to quack. 10 more words


Ah, right. Tests necessitate review.

And…I didn’t really do that great of a job at taking notes on the Cataloging lectures; I just read and highlighted them.

Positive point:  I’ve made it through all the Metadata lectures, to date.  793 more words