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Light up the night
when you bring what is right
to the back of this slight
blood location
Go on light
shine so bright
This your light in my slothen night… 84 more words


Things to Consider for When the Going Gets Stagnant

By: Nicholas Meisch

So you’ve decided to try to get into better shape. Better health comes in many shapes and sizes, with some people trying to lose weight, lose size, or gain muscle, or simply improve any number of their various statistics. 1,922 more words


To all unemployed 'over-qualified' people

Dear all,

All young unemployed ‘over-qualified’ person need to cheer up.

To the unlucky generation facing a slumping economy with a secular stagnation, generated by a structurally damaged demand from the artificial prosperity of last generations, and their irresponsible behaviour in creating economic growth, a stupid thinking that Over-consumption can resolve forever the problem of over-production. 1,126 more words

Take The Next Step: Four Tips To Help You Move Forward

There are some things that are hard for us to move past.  For some reason, we like to hold on to things that hurt us or that we know are not good for us.  622 more words


Water's Edge

Water’s Edge


Oh sea of stagnation, why does one want to leave the water’s edge,

is it a vain attempt at being carried into the tides of another’s morrow. 167 more words


broken (free)

the longer you stay
fixed in no motion
the more the ground pleads
whispers to echoes
for your roots to bound

mine wither
they are weak… 64 more words


Parashah Vayyelech (And He Spoke) Deuteronomy 31

This parashah is short. Moses tells the people he is going to die, appoints Joshua as his successor and is told by God that the people will be rebellious and suffer greatly in the future. 735 more words