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Deal 998: Illusions

The audience quieted (aside from the inevitable heckler) as the curtains opened on a new setting. One thing they were sure of was that something amazing was going to happen. 555 more words

Daily Deal

Perfectionism: A Silent Killer of Dreams

In my first blog post I made a joke that “I have a tendency to not make any move in any direction until I’m 250% sure that everything is perfect”. 859 more words


Deal 998 Preview

Spiral on my Mind:
Traitor, Certainty, Apple, Puppet, Fearlessness, Gentleman, Stagnation, elevator, and Levitation

Daily Deal

Waiting for the perfect moment 

The moments when you hesitate and freeze. Standing still and waiting for the perfect moment to make your move. Sometimes the perfect moment never arrives and you’ve been standing for so long that you’ve stopped progressing altogether. 93 more words


Jump Start

I just need to jump start this engine
It mostly stops
Sometimes it sputters
But ultimately quits
No momentum
Not only scientific… 24 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Gone for a while

So a year has gone by since I’ve posted on this blog. Lack of interest in writing and laziness contributed to this…stagnation. Any sensible person would try climb out of the pit that is laziness, but I’ve wallowed in my own stupidity. 112 more words

Slice Of Life?

What Makes Your Heart Sing | Elephant Journal

As we age, we complicate everything.

We second guess. Our inner voice gets loud (and sometimes mean). We trust our intuition less, and we forget what the song of our heart sounds like. 43 more words

In Other Words