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It's Been A While

This post brought to you by:  Staind

What have I been up to you ask? Well a hole bunch of shit and nothing at all. I honestly can’t remember when was the last time I wrote on here. 368 more words


SINGLE REVIEW: Soak by Anonymous One

Anonymous One, as you may guess from his chosen moniker, is not overly forthcoming with biographical details. I can tell you he’s a singer songwriter in the acoustic rock/pop genre and that’s all! 302 more words

Faulkner Review

Epiphany III

I am nothing more
Than a little boy inside
That cries out for attention,
Yet I always try to hide.

‘Cause I talk to you like children, 25 more words


Epiphany II

So I speak to you in riddles,
‘Cause my words get in my way.
I smoke the whole thing to my head,
And feel it wash away. 25 more words


Epiphany I

Your words to me just a whisper,
Your face is so unclear.
I try to pay attention,
Your words just disappear.

‘Cause it’s always raining in my head, 10 more words


Pardon Me III

Pardon me,
While I just turn my back and walk away.
Pardon me,
If I can’t listen to the things you say.
Pardon me,
If I can’t fake it, while you still believe, 19 more words