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The Family Values Tour 11/16/01

I had seen each of these bands before but Lucinda had not. It was just her and I at this show and we were able to get very good seats on the left side of the stage. 308 more words

Korn 3/7/00

It turns out all the previous crap I dealt with in the past to try to see Korn had been rewarded back to me in the form of good karma. 362 more words

The Family Values Tour 10/16/99

I know there were other bands at this show but the only ones I remember or probably cared about were Staind, Primus, Filter and Limp Bizkit. 358 more words

Limp Bizkit 6/23/99

By the time of this concert 3 pretty major things happened in my life: I graduated from Columbia Basin Community College with my AA, the transmission in my Mustang blew up, and Rose decided to move back to Corvallis for good, which ultimately made it an easier decision to end our relationship for good. 415 more words

Musical Therapy

I love music but I hardly have time to listen to it nowadays. Especially some of the rock/metal that I find therapeutic,with a 2 year old running round it’s hardly appropriate. 1,543 more words

Be better then the people you think are dumb.

While she is running
she remembers her friends
and the time she wore
a peacock as a dress,
but now she wears
the sails, her body is… 20 more words

Throwback Thursday: Guitar Love: The Musical

In the fall of 2002 I was taking a digital imaging class at a local community college and I did an assignment of a anthropomorphic guitar couple snuggling against each other in the moonlight. 352 more words