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A Breath of Fresh Air

When concrete is initially poured a sealer is applied, after the finishing procedures, to help keep moisture in the concrete during the curing process *(28 days). 299 more words

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Concrete has many, many possibilities: when poured it can be molded into any shape imaginable; it can be colored with pigments, stains and/or dyes; and is also a choice for flooring with homeowners wanting custom designs only available with concrete. 374 more words

Interior Concrete Floors

Fixing Common Concrete Floor Problems


I watched a couple of your videos on YouTube and like your work. Thanks for the ideas you share. I wonder, if not too much trouble, can you give me any advice on a concrete basement situation I face? 606 more words

Interior Concrete Floors

On The Road Again

Last week the crew and I headed to Rochester, Indiana, to complete a stained concrete floor for a Chicago family. I was contacted about the job in April while negotiations were being made about the purchase of the home. 335 more words

Interior Concrete Floors

Coming Full Circle

Sometime when removing carpet from a basement floor you find concrete that is in great shape, needs little attention, and can be changed into a finished surface in just a couple days. 495 more words

Interior Concrete Floors

My Beef with Carpet

Fort Wayne and the surrounding area just received rain and thunderstorms for the last 2 weeks. Our area was fortunate to not have any major damages but there could be hidden damage to your home that you are unaware of. 486 more words

Interior Concrete Floors