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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 17, 2017

Owen installed the chair stair life with nary a snarled curse in the air. Not only did he install it, but he never looked at the instructions until he got the electrical stuff and wanted to make sure he was attaching the connections correctly. 288 more words


Day #117: Ride Down the Stairs in A Laundry Basket

Do not try this at home. I did because I’m stupid. I stopped myself halfway down the flight of stairs because I thought I was going to break my back. 289 more words


3.11, Vatican

Vatican looks more of a city than a country, muchly due to its size. In fact, it is located in Rome, Italy, where it is regarded officially as an independent country. 137 more words

And up next

So in the last couple of weeks we’ve started on the stairs and landing. With the living room just needing touch ups and our new sofa ordered (the camp chairs are back!) we’ve been a bit lazy. 131 more words


The Crappiest Japanese Apartments Of 2017

(Source: kotaku.com)

Because Japan has lots of people and not as much space, interesting housing solutions are a necessity. Some of them are cool… 355 more words


Venetian maxims: Chi no ga testa ga gambe

The Venetians are famous in the rest of Italy for their maxims. Carlo Goldoni, the famous eighteenth-century playwright, peppered his works with them to add a real air of authenticity to his characters. 254 more words