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Bare Stairs (Short)

Bare Stairs


The stairs were bare and I was barefoot.

I walked them anyway despite the nails.

Like changes in life they’d wait for a better day before I’d tend them.

© G.P Williamson 2017


Pressure-treated landscape stairs

This week my friend Tim Gillette and I built a set of landscape stairs to provide access from the driveway to a finished basement. The steep bank had been filled with boulders and topped with large stones. 323 more words


I Know Your Face!

The sign on the door read: Laundry Thief!  5’ 4”, brown hair, hiding under the stairs.  I know your face!

Um, okay.  The stairs leading to the basement of my apartment building, a.k.a the laundry room, are actually quite open and non-threatening.   66 more words


Location, Location, Location

Me: “How was your role playing game?”

Danger Monkey, age 10: “Awesome! In the game I built a giant robot that’s 45 stories tall and I can make it do anything from the control room in his head.” 67 more words


Accident prone.

I am normally an extremely clumsy person. I fall down, trip over my own two feet constantly, I bang various body parts on things, and generally I am always sporting a colorful bruise somewhere. 544 more words

Brain Dump