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The Wall Street Journal proclaims that “the trades that had proven winners in recent months backfired (alt)…The euro strengthened 4.5% against the dollar in April after tumbling 11% in the first quarter.   475 more words

Led Zeppelin IV

El cuarto álbum de Led Zeppelin no tiene un nombre oficial, es conocido como Led Zeppelin IV o Four Symbols o Zoso, debido a que la banda quería darle un golpe a los críticos que los llamaron sólo un moda. 570 more words


S is for Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

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Stairway to Heaven Lyrics

Stairway is possibly one of the most well-known rock songs in existence. I could wax-poetic about this song, but there’s truly not much that I could say about this song that you can’t feel for yourself when you listen to it. 182 more words


Stairway to a different Heaven

When a part of someone, gets stuck in my heart..I dance wearing a dress made of stars

The galaxy looks like a palette of colors… border-lined in black. 51 more words


music is cool.

About a week ago I felt the urge to write. So, I grabbed my laptop, but then I felt stuck. There’s so much BLAH inside of my brain all the time. 419 more words

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Stairway to Heaven (song by Led Zeppelin,1971) or Kukulkan Pyramid at Chitchen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico? Pyramid, of course, but the Mayans may have thought it was a spiritual stairway to heaven. 118 more words

Spring Holiday - Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)… I had looked up pictures and the view seemed amazing on the internet, mesmerizing, at least. I wanted to see the lake, the mountains, the sunset, if possible. 854 more words