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A Believers life is a journey to eternal life. A Non-Believers life is a journey to eternal death. If you read and understand the Word of God and the times we live in and the FACT that you only have today, not tomorrow. 455 more words


The number of the beast

This is my 666th post.

It should be something creepy or evil shouldn’t it.¬† What actually sprung to mind though¬† was growing up in conservative white South Africa in the eighties and there being a general hysteria about the number. 173 more words


Pleasant Melodies

Songs, like books and films are ‘immortal.’ They will neither die nor stop releasing. We enjoy them as our playlists have a wide range of choices. 634 more words


Stairway to heaven?

Looking out of the window last evening, I noticed this strip of sunset, travelling upwards from dark to light, with a few cloud ‘rungs’:

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Led Zeppelin: what's original after all?

Response to Kirby Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix” Part 1

The fourth-highest-certified music artist in the US, Led Zeppelin, has a knack for sometimes swiping lyrics and melodies from other artists. 794 more words



“Heaven awaits you”. Words from my love. My Fallen Angel.

Spoken while her arms opened wide, her lips painted to the hilt

glowing, as I climbed… 61 more words