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Stay open, expectant and faith filled.~Life Through The Storm

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Party On; Wayne's World is 25 Years Old

Wayne’s World, the classic film about two slackers based on a Saturday Night Live skit is turning twenty five on the 14th of February!

Wayne’s World was one of those movies that I grew up on, I love it. 187 more words


R.I.P. Stairway To Heaven

The Death Of A Masterpiece

It pains me to write this, but alas beggars cannot be choosers. Led Zeppelin was one of the very first rock bands I ever heard.

372 more words

SCUBASURA: Cleaning up the Waters of Puerto Galera


I wrote an article for one of my favorite dive centers in the Philippines – Scuba for Change in puerto galera. PADI has published it, use the link above. 339 more words

The Beach Boys - God Only Knows Sound Wave Art

Pet Sounds was the eleventh studio album by The Beach Boys. The album is crammed full of classics, even so, one track stands out head and shoulders above the rest… God Only Knows. 105 more words


Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge - Day 23

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Day #23! For today’s question, it is:

Drama where the child portion of the story was better than the adult one… 342 more words