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Basics of a Stakeholder Register

If you look into the archives of the corporate world, you’d perhaps find many projects that succeeded without someone being specifically responsible for project management. However, if you bar the best project manager in the world, managing the easiest project in the world from stakeholder management, it is very likely that the project will fail. 463 more words

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The Importance of Stakeholder Management

“If a project is successful and no one knows about it, is it really successful?” -Erin M. Jones

This is a cautionary tale about stakeholder management.

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The Elements of Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement is a two-way interactive relationship that encourages stakeholder involvement in the organisation for the benefit of both the stakeholders and the organisation.  The trend is increasingly clear; organisations that effectively serve the needs of their stakeholders outperform those that do not. 1,233 more words

Stakeholder Management

Thoughts on Managing Multiple Projects

You’re a project manager. You’ve just wrapped up your BIG project that you’ve been managing for over a year or so. In your organization however, there is not one single BIG project in the queue that you could jump on. 1,090 more words

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June 2015 Posts

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It is all about managing stakeholder expectations

We often hear that a product did not see light of the day. Or, a product or an innovative product feature that was so close to being launched had to be shelved at the last minute. 776 more words

Happiness and Motivation

We touched on the ‘power of happiness’ a couple of years ago in an article looking at the dramatic improvement in the performance of the Australian cricket team caused by the change from a coach focused on ‘driving individual performance’ to one focused on ‘creating a performing team’, that improvement in performance continues to the present time (see… 1,382 more words

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