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Organizational structures and their impact on stakeholder management

Organizational structures can be broadly classified into;

  • Functional organization
  • Matrix organization
    • Strong matrix
    • Weak matrix
    • Balanced matrix
  • Projectized organization
  • Composite organization

Functional organization

Most of the manufacturing / service organizations are divided functionally. 384 more words


Who's your boss? Learn your stakeholders

Business Analysts are typically prone to working project fashion. Shipped in to analyse, design and transform. This continuous churn in environment, subject matter and stakeholders is what give this job it’s freshness and keeps me excited as a BA. 614 more words

Business Analysis

Why proper stakeholder identification is a critical success factor for your project?

Anybody who is affected positively or negatively, by doing a project or by delaying a project is a stakeholder. Identifying the key stakeholders upfront helps to capture and manage their expectations proactively. 317 more words


Talking Non-Tech

IT architects often pride themselves on their technical knowledge. Tasked with designing a system from end-to-end and taking responsibility for that design, they need to ensure the details are right. 759 more words


Managing a Social Media Crisis

Community engagement always has the potential to spark controversy and require crisis management. Sometimes that can occur despite the best of intentions and engagement approaches. 1,397 more words


Going Beyond Spreadsheets & CRMs

You’re only as strong as your weakest link, which in community engagement can be the systems you use for stakeholder relationship management.

You could be the Usain Bolt of effective community engagement, but without a capable system to channel your results, you’ll be stuck at the starting line. 750 more words


Stakeholder Management System Tour!

If you’re reading this, you most likely engage in public consultation and therefore understand the need for Stakeholder Management.

You know that when it comes to your community engagement, having user-friendly software for public participation is vital. 95 more words