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Good Governance, Good Outcomes!

Good governance is focused on setting the ‘right’ rules and objectives for an organisation, management is about working within those rules to achieve the objectives. Prudent governors also require assurance that the rules are being followed and the objectives achieved (for more see… 929 more words

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder-led project management: Communication as information-seeking

The ‘six-whys’ of communication is discussed in a series of blogs. In this one, the focus is on communication as information-seeking.

Communication as information-seeking

In information-seeking, the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how’ questions are critical. 935 more words

Stakeholder Engagement

Be CAREFUL with senior stakeholders

Our lives are filled with acronyms, LOL.

In the business world you have all heard of SWAT or SWOT, you may have even heard of STEEP or STEEPLE analysis. 733 more words


Five Things to Do to Delight, Keep Happy And Not To Annoy Your Stakeholders

The ultimate measure of what we do is the stakeholder satisfaction. The subject is much wider and more complex than you could think. And very frequently it is underestimated in importance. 1,054 more words

Defining Project Success using Project Success Criteria

Everyone likes a successful project but the big question is what makes a project successful??  A good example is the Sydney Opera House; was the Sydney Opera House successful or not? 1,304 more words

Stakeholder Management

New on the Web #18

We have been busy updating our websites with Posts, White Papers, and Articles. Some of the more interesting uploaded in the last few weeks include: 56 more words

Stakeholder Management

June 2017 Posts

This account is necessary to provide me with standing to edit and post on other WordPress blogs. My posts for the months of March, with links are: 36 more words

Stakeholder Management