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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Things To Prepare Before You Start Any Project

By: Ravindra Wankar, Co-Founder at Celoxis

About Celoxis:

Celoxis is an enterprise class project management and PPM tool that helps companies streamline management of projects, timesheets, expenses and business processes, specific to their organization. 30 more words


Do You Think You Are An Effective Communicator? Think Again.

By Rebecca Bennett

We all think we can communicate well enough to get our point across, naturally. But can you successfully manage the communication on a project within your team and between teams internally and externally? 1,290 more words

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Project Management Stakeholder Simulation

At the University of Waterloo we have recently finished work on an online simulation that is intended to develop better understanding of the management of project stakeholders. 190 more words

University Of Waterloo

Key Principles of Stakeholder Management

This blog will give you an insight into stakeholder management and the key topics that will be highlighted are;

  • Communication
  • Remember they are human
  • Build Rapport…
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Communication as persuasion

‘Communication as persuasion’ attempts to change the positions of stakeholders and align them with the aims of the project. In these projects, the resistance to the change is often high, and the agendas of the different stakeholder groups varied. 746 more words

Stakeholder Engagement

2017 will be the year of the Sharing Economy 2.0, the Internet of People

The Future is here – it’s just not very evenly distributed, William Gibson once wrote. Hence, you need to know where and when to look in order to connect the dots and see the broader futuristic-turned-realistic picture.

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The Yin and Yang of Integrated Data Systems

Integrated project management information systems (PMIS) are becoming more common and more sophisticated ranging from ‘web portals’ that hold project data through to the potential for fully integrated design and construction management using BIM… 815 more words

Stakeholder Management