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It is all about managing stakeholder expectations

We often hear that a product did not see light of the day. Or, a product or an innovative product feature that was so close to being launched had to be shelved at the last minute. 776 more words

Happiness and Motivation

We touched on the ‘power of happiness’ a couple of years ago in an article looking at the dramatic improvement in the performance of the Australian cricket team caused by the change from a coach focused on ‘driving individual performance’ to one focused on ‘creating a performing team’, that improvement in performance continues to the present time (see… 1,382 more words

Stakeholder Management

Boekrecensie: Écht contact is het fundament van communicatie

Deze week had ik echt contact met Ankie Swakhoven. Ik had een aantal maanden terug een recensie over ‘De project(ver)leider op mijn blog gezet. 286 more words


Stakeholder Management Knowledge Nugget

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others” – Anthony Robbins… 61 more words


The Individual at the Heart of the Stakeholder Management Journey: Dave Packard’s 11 Simple Rules

Getting invited to speak at the monthly coffee talk of HP’s Business Support Services team in Sofia was a great honor for me. Especially having to open the floor for a new initiative, called “Ideas Worth Sharing”, intended to spread motivating and engaging personal stories among the employee community of the Sofia based HP BSS team. 659 more words

Stakeholder Management

Governance and stakeholders

Both stakeholder theory and the modern concept of organisational governance place importance on the organisation fulfilling the needs of all of its stakeholders. The older, generally discredited ‘stockholder’ theory suggested the primary purpose of an organisation was to maximise value for its owners – generally interpreted by those in power as looking after the short-term interests of ‘those in power’ or the few with a direct investment in the organisation. 843 more words

Stakeholder Management

No 12. Change, Projects and Behaviours

Looking for ideas for my next blog post I came across an article by Art Markman published in the Harvard Business Review (http://hbr.org/2015/05/influence-people-by-leveraging-the-brains-laziness). The article builds on the work of Thaler and Sunstein published in the book Nudge ( 268 more words