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Mommy refuses to admit her wrongness.

Lying and stubbornness and pride.

All of them go hand and hand.

You have pride, but when you’re wrong your pride keeps you from admitting you’re wrong making you stubborn, so you lie in an attempt to convince people you are right. 283 more words


Re-reading Brave New World

by A.E. Malmer © 2015

Maybe it’s time to re-read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

I bring this up because Huxley’s 1931 book posited a future where vast numbers of poorly paid workers ended up in placid stupors in a planned, hallucinogenic drug-soaked worker hive. 799 more words

Joe Steele by Harry Turtledove

Harry Turtledove’s Joe Steele is an alternate history of the United States stretching from the Great Depression to the 1950s in which a version of Stalin who had immigrated to the United States becomes President instead of FDR. 223 more words

Book Review

The Life of Iosif Dzhugashvili

“He was a very nasty man…” explained my school history teacher when describing one of the most notorious dictators of the 20th Century. This was my introduction to Josef Stalin and it was the beginning of a lifelong interest in Russian history. 296 more words


Stalin and his Power Struggle

  • Stalin was a diligent organiser and was willing to undertake tasks that would further his career prospects as no other leader would partake in them…
  • 98 more words
Unit 1 D4

At the Heart of Europe on a Shoestring (Part Eight)

Author’s Note: This is the part eight of my travel in Northern and Central Europe last December 2013

Warsaw: The Ever Invincible City

I continue my journey in Polska with my friend Beata after two days days in Krakow. 665 more words


Stalin's Power base and Positions

In 1917 – People’s Commissar for Nationalities – controlled non-Russian nationalities that were part of the USSR state. This meant that he was responsible for the care of 50 million people. 92 more words