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The Women Of Those Men


As far as I am concerned a man without women in his life, is like a vase without flowers.

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Engels, homophobia and the left

In keeping with the overall honesty of “Revolution in the Air”, Max Elbaum admits that the New Communist Movement held fairly retrograde ideas on same-sexers: 2,698 more words

Why Defend Stalin?

Right off the bat, I want to go ahead and say that I was driven to write this due to a debate that recently took place online. 2,912 more words


Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

How to you investigate a crime, when even the possibility of crime does not exist? In Stalin’s Soviet Union in the years following the Second World War, the illusion of the state was that of a worker’s Utopia. 271 more words


do you know who you are?

Warmongers like to dehumanise people. Hitler labelled the Slavic people, Jews, Gypsies and many others ‘sub-human’ and his SS henchmen murdered many of them as a result. 199 more words

Stalin's Blue Crayon

It has been presented throughout history that tyrannical leaders rely upon methods of control and stability to maintain an absolutist rule. Having a sense of control was particularly vital to Joseph Stalin, a man driven by paranoia and fear of defeat. 214 more words


The Bible and Soviet Constitution: Stalin’s Reinterpretation of 2 Thessalonians and Acts 4

The 1936 Constitution of the USSR contains two biblical verses:

He who does not work, neither shall he eat.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his work.

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