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Regular People Do Play Golf

Golf in the Soviet Union? No!

I know exactly when I heard the word golf for the first time. I mean, for the first time in the United States. 463 more words


Josef Stalin Museum, Gori, Georgia

I had very mixed feelings about visiting this place. The most popular museum in Georgia, opened by the Soviets in 1957, it gives at best a very partial view of his life and impact on the lives of tens of millions of people. 105 more words


All the King's Men: Stalin and Friends

One of the beautiful ironies of Russian history is the tendency of strong, autocratic leaders to surround themselves with strong, intelligent ministers. Behind every strongman or woman was a colourful supporting cast; even Putin has his fair share of deuteragonists. 1,580 more words


Donald Trump’s Big Red Book of History

NEW YORK, NY (Aug. 25, 2016)–Less than 80 days before the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has announced the publication of a new book, The Trump Big Red Book of History… 798 more words

Hitler-Stalin Pact and Europe Today

Seventy-seven years ago, Hitler and Stalin reached the agreement on the division of Eastern Europe into spheres of influence, an agreement known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and one that continues to divide Russia from the rest of Europe and to cast a shadow on the entire continent to this day.

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Hobbies of Some of World’s Worst Dictators

Hey, guys! The world has been rattled by the rule of dictators from time to time and has witnessed millions of deaths in the rule. But as one has said if you truly want to attain greatness embrace optimism even when darkness prevails. 874 more words


Stalin's Vulgar Sense of Humor

We know that Joseph Stalin was a ruthless tyrant, deciding the fate of millions of people. We know he liked to torment his victims with fear, playing with them like cats play with mice. 541 more words