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Fidel, eat your heart out

Fidel Castro is renowned for his hours-long speeches (to which I would have loved to listen). But he is by no means the only communist leader who could regale an audience for hours on end. 38 more words


Stalin Empowers Women

From a Chinese language blog:

In the 1930’s, Joseph Stalin was in-charge of the USSR.  At this time he sought to empower Soviet women by encouraging them not to wear ‘bourgeois’ and ‘sexist’ make-up, and to participate in all areas of the workforce as full citizens equal to their male counter-parts.   67 more words

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Edited-Summarized by ‘Sweeps’ Fox

— I’m posting this here, because I’m among the very few who know about Wolf Messing, and I want to help preserve and spread this knowledge of his work and contributions to extraordinary abilities research on the internet :)—  – Dinoraptor101… 2,385 more words

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Putin: Great Leader? Or Huge Failure?

Putin: Great Leader? Or Huge Failure?

By Shlomo Maital

U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has expressed admiration for the Russian President Vladimir Putin, comparing him favorably with Barak Obama and calling him a great leader. 216 more words

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After Ten Years - Immanent Justice

In his set of mini-essays entitled “After Ten Years,” written in 1942, Bonhoeffer reflects on the lessons learned in a decade of active resistance to Hitler. 729 more words

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Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Goebbels gave the word a bad name and its present pejorative connotation, but the Vatican continues to use the Latin word to describe the work of its Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith. 144 more words