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The People's Republic of Cambridge

(This is an excerpt from my book The Education of a White Boy: An Honest Discussion on Race.)

My next literary love affair was with the black firebrand, Eldridge Cleaver, and his book… 12,845 more words

African American Studies

A trivial comedy for serious people

The great Russian novelist Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940) studied medicine at university, and after graduating in 1916 was sent to be the sole doctor at an isolated hospital in the depths of the remote countryside. 1,070 more words


Try making a mare: Stalin on the value of people

In the midst of the foi furieuse of the Stakhanovite period, when everything was being made anew at extraordinary speed (and with massive disruption), the government of the USSR felt keenly the lack of trained specialist in all areas of work. 288 more words


Bolshevik grit

More snippets as I near the end of my reading of Stalin’s works – not a task too many take on, assuming all manner of positions without reading what the man himself wrote (and edited). 98 more words



When NAPOLEON conquered Europe he pretended he was JULIUS CAESAR. When Caesar conquered the known world he pretended he was ALEXANDER THE GREAT. When Alexander conquered the world he was pretending to be a Greek demigod. 1,304 more words


Wanderings with the Victorians

Just to update you on the Great Dictator! I have finished the book: Stalin is in power and about to begin his comprehensive collectivization and dekulakization of Russia, resulting in the loss of livestock, grain production and causing a famine that killed millions of people – all in the next volume. 999 more words

The Soviet Katyn massacre: 65 years on

Yesterday marked 65 years since Stalin ordered the massacre of more than 22,000 Polish POWs in Katyn forest. Until 1990, Russia blamed the Nazis for the atrocity. 14 more words