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What Were Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communists Doing Around the Time of the Cairo Conference?

By Yang Jianli, published: September 1, 2015

“At the time of the Cairo Conference, although the US military had already gained the upper hand in the Pacific and was actively planning an Allied invasion of Europe, and despite the first glimmerings of hope for an Allied victory over Germany, Italy and Japan, another threat was already taking shape, this time within Allied ranks: it would grow to become the greatest and most persistent threat to global peace in the post-war era.” 2,498 more words

A Girl's Life in the Siege of Leningrad- The Russian Anne Frank

There are too many interesting books that I will probably never have time to read. This is one of them.  So I will settle for a few reviews of the book.   682 more words


Sturgeon proposes final solution for BBC bias

THE PRAVDA-ESQUE BBC must learn who its true masters are said Saint Nicola of Sturgeon yesterday. AhDinnaeKen reports:

By Meeja Byaasculture media and BBC anti-Scots bias correspondent… 304 more words


David King: The Commissar Vanishes

“When we think of images of the revolution of October 1917, we often think of the running figures on Nevsky Prospekt, Petrograd and soldiers lining up to fire on demonstrators outside the Winter Palace. 243 more words

Book Review

Child 44

by Tom Rob Smith

The Russia of Stalin – bleak, full of fear and poverty yet officially the pinnacle of socialist prosperity. A killer of children surfaces and it is up to state security officer and former war hero Leo Demidov to investigate. 75 more words

Interview with Peter Higgins about the Wolfhound Century series

One of the discoveries–and pleasures–of my recent reading life has been the extraordinary, genre-busting Wolfhound Century series, by British author Peter Higgins. Set in the Vlast, an alternative world inspired by the history and culture of Russia, where dying angels, giants, rusalki and forest spirits exist alongside revolutionary terrorists, mad scientists, rocket ships, spies and secret police, this magnificent trilogy(made up of  2,295 more words

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