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Adam Goodes: The Other Side

Mr Boyle,

Good sir, I have noticed your support for Adam Goodes via Facebook recently and thought I might offer my perspective.

I have not attended an AFL match this year, but if I did attend a Sydney match and Adam Goodes was playing I would most certainly ‘boo’ him. 505 more words


Merely a bundle of preferences

New Atheists are quick to point out that they reject the violence of Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s killing fields, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba and Kim Jim Il’s North Korea. 94 more words



What is it you do?
Love to.
Imagine another
for having done so.
for their practice,
their passion.
That disgusting outrage
you’re feeling, 8 more words


In Stalin's Hometown, Absent Statues and Lingering Legacies

Tbilisi, Georgia—During the Cold War, one of the few, if any, things Americans knew about the Soviet Republic of Georgia, was that the country was the birthplace of Joseph Stalin (nee Dzugushvili). 684 more words

31 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Stalin DOES Have a Place


Either you accept ALL of our history or you accept none of it. That’s it, simply put. That means that historical vandals like Victor Potapov are irredeemably evil. 190 more words


Decline, revolution, and tragedy

Ruling families in the late 19th century, it seemed, had a habit of building modern palaces at great cost. These were to replace their traditional castles, but they completed them just before they lost their crowns altogether. 188 more words



“Death solves all problems – no man, no problem”

Joseph Stalin