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Reasoning the Cold War

Book Review: Gaddis, John Lewis, “The Cold War. A New History.” Penguin Press, NY. 2005.

I got the book from the Oak Cliff Dallas library. Gaddis had already written several earlier books on the period, so this one is sort of a compilation, he says. 784 more words


Stalin: Brutal dictator, and one of Russia's most admired figures. Not Another Brit Abroad explores the reasons behind the brutal dictator's popularity in Russia

This week, I took a visit to the recently opened “Gulag History State Museaum”; with a highly informative range of exhibitions, and tickets for 150₽ (about £1.90) for anyone who can present a student card, I would highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area. 1,201 more words

100 years ago: Arrested of his own volition

By Alexander Maysuryan

It was exactly one hundred years ago on September 15 that Trotsky was released from the Kresty prison. This was quite logical: Kornilov’s rebellion was crushed, the revolution again swept to the left, the Bolsheviks and the socialists close to them (Kollontai, Kamenev, Raskolnikov, Lunacharsky were arrested …) must be freed.  441 more words

The 3 Million Soviet POWs Starved To Death By Stalin's Brutal Betrayal.

Stalin: “There are no Russian prisoners of war. The Russian soldier fights on till death. If he chooses to become a prisoner, he is automatically excluded from the Russian community…”

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John Wear Article

Archetypes of Stalin: Evolution of the Warrior

Starting in the 1930s, Soviet art was dominated by the officially sanctioned “Socialist Realist” style. Socialist Realist art portrayed the world not as it was, but as it ought to be under Socialism. 350 more words


The shortnesses of longevity

Some time ago I heard a theorist called Aubrey de Grey predict that starting within the next twenty years it would be possible to begin a process to extend people’s lives to the epic figure of 900 years or so. 316 more words