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Tate Modern: Red Star Over Russia (19.11.2017)

Many, if not all Western exhibitions purporting to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, are merely excuses for the prevailing bourgeois, capitalist system to continue to attack and denigrate the reputation of the Soviet Union, as a means to discredit Marxist-Leninism, and influence the working class away from positively relating to Soviet (Bolshevik) Socialism. 595 more words

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Walking Tour Your Way Across Europe

Last summer I was introduced to a mind-boggling concept: free-walking tours. In and of itself, free-walking tours make a lot of sense, locals who love their city volunteer to show visitors around to experience the city through the native eyes. 1,046 more words


Before "The Death of Stalin" - there was "Red Monarch", made in the 80s

The movie The Death of Stalin satirises Stalinism in the wake of the death of the Soviet leader in 1953. Back in 1983, there was a similar attempt to poke fun at that era but based during the lead up to Stalin’s death, not the aftermath – called  36 more words


Stalinism: The Inner Truth of Bolshevism 1924-91

The Inner Truth of Bolshevism: Stalinism 1924-1991

A defining part of the Old Left from 1917 onwards was its Manichean attitude ‘for or against’ Bolshevism and the Soviet Union, and, later during the Cold War, Maoist China. 2,435 more words

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Los comunistas más hot

Ubicación: URSS / Cuba / Yugoslavia / España / Rumanía

Ha llegado lo que todas/os estabais esperando. ¡El recopilatorio de los comunistas más hot de toda la historia! 41 more words

Luiza VIII La Arrogante

Los filtros de Instagram preferidos de Iósif Stalin

Ubicación: 1878 – 1953, URSS, Revolución Soviética – Guerra Fría

Como todo buen hipster con barbita y tupé, Stalin nos ha confesado que es un gran fan de instagram. 248 more words

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Germany's Incredible Courage To Defend Europe: How Hitler's Invasion of The Soviet Union Surprised Stalin

Editor’s Comment: The standard version of history fails to address the staggering scale of preparations by the Soviet Union from 1927 to create the greatest… 1,802 more words

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