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Seeking Solidarity: The Necessity of Christian Democracy

As Americans, we tend to focus on our own achievements rather than see those of others. As such, President Reagan is often credited with destroying the Soviet Union. 776 more words


A quick look into Fitzpatrick's Everyday Stalinisum

Stalinist Russia is a popular topic among historians and scholars and has inspired questions such as; what effect did the political policies of the era have on people of the Soviet Union and how did Stalin’s policies change social classes and hierarchical structure of the state? 1,211 more words

Open Book History

How Astrology won World War II for the Allies - or, "Let's be nasty to Atheists"

Let us turn from an earlier promise to be nicer to Christians, into something more maliciously fun, as in ‘let us be nasty to atheists’, for a change! 427 more words

Working in Corporate America right now has to be a little bit (relatively speaking) like living in Stalinistic Russia

I never lived in Stalinistic Russia, but my understanding is someone might come for you in the middle of the night (and you were never seen again), and then that person in turn was executed at another time. 461 more words


“Democratie is het recht van ons”, is de lijfspreuk van de Grote Leider, de Vader van Alle Turken, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Dus worden tegenstanders, mogelijke tegenstanders, verdachten en niet-verdachten bedreigd, gevangengezet, ontslagen, gemarteld. 161 more words


Drumbeats of History? - Donald Trump

I hear the drumbeats. The call for annihilation. ‘Kill them, kill them all.’ It’s been the battle cry of the RNC Convention tonight. Their target – radical Islamists, but where does it end? 608 more words

Web Of Lies

What you believe matters. The accumulation of a decades of acting on our beliefs could lead to a life well lived or a life tragically wasted. 835 more words