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Which Marxist's collected works were published first in China?

I am working my way through a fascinating journal series called Marxist Studies in China. The journal began in 2008 and, as one would expect, covers a range of topics. 116 more words


Revised outline of book: Stalin, Philosophy and Religion

It has taken a while, with preliminary studies and articles before I managed to gain a clear sense of this book. So, a revised outline: 2,620 more words


Revisionism Revised - Part II

The aforementioned facts create an easy impression that 3rd Reich and USSR were equally evil. Equally totalitarian, anti-human, militarist countries. So it was OK to help any of those two to eradicate another one without much difference. 882 more words


Statistics have Names

On the subject of statistics, former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin is reported to have said, “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic,” while the inimitable Mark Twain opined, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” 697 more words

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Dictatorship Blog: November 25 2015

In late 1936, the Soviet Union passed the Constitution which was to govern its political and legal life until its expiration. The document also ensured that Stalin would the the ‘father of the Soviets’ as it was his Constitution. 153 more words

The US and USSR – Anatomy of a “Cold” War – A Debate

Jacek Popiel

Today we introduce a new feature: an original article by Jacek Popiel on U.S./Soviet relations, followed by a counterpoint by the editors, and then a coda by Jacek.  1,880 more words

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