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Red-Brown Alliances: Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left.

Heroes of a certain far-right. 

The growth of political “confusionism”, the mixture of “conspi” (conspiratorial), nationalist, far-right and apparently ‘left-wing’  has been one of the features of the last years. 1,756 more words


The British Communist Party and the Soviet Union. An Introduction.

“Stalin, whose great work tends to undervalued today, was a great creative statesman, however much he may have blundered in his later years. It is doubtful whether any less determined leadership would have laid the foundations of socialism.” 2,755 more words

European Left

The Morning Star and the Left. "Why I will no longer write for the Morning Sta.  Rabbil Sikdar."

Paper of a Faction of the left?

Some people on the left, more than a few at any rate, read the Morning Star.

It has good labour movement, that is trade union, reports. 1,530 more words

European Left

How I Became a Stalinist, Kind of

A number of my friends have watched in horror over the past few years as I have become more and more sympathetic with the Soviet Union’s policies between 1926 and 1953. 2,275 more words


Four Last Addresses

“Here lived Rudolf Rudolfovich Furman, purchasing agent. Born 1906. Arrested 11 February 1942. Died in prison 16 March 1942. Rehabilitated 1989.” The Last Address website… 329 more words


Bursting the bubble

In these days of increasingly polarised politics, it can be very easy to be stuck in a little bubble of people who only agree with you. 522 more words

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A Bolshevik Muslim League?

What a buzz-kill from Ahmed Rashid, writing for Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper: such a thoroughly conservative and reactionary reading of Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev.

In general, I do wonder about a certain phenomenon – that of jilted ex-leftist Pakistani intellectuals becoming apologists for Muslim separatism and Islamic-nationalist chauvinism. 2,610 more words